Refractory / Reactive (UNS R) Metal Foils and Foil Stock Datasheets

Niobium Sheet and Plate
from H.C. Starck Inc. - Fabricated Products Group

Niobium sheet and plate are supplied with a cold-rolled and chemically-cleaned surface. Because of their strength and workability, very thin sheets of niobium can be clad to other surfaces, providing superior corrosion protection and cost effectiveness. Depending on your specifications and needs,... [See More]

  • Type: Niobium / Niobium Alloy; Refractory / Reactive; CladBimetal
  • Applications: Chemical or material processing; Medical Engineering, Radiation Shielding
  • Features: Wrought; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn
Niobium Foil/Coil
from Ed Fagan, Inc.

Niobium, also termed Columbium, is a shiny grey metal that takes on a bluish tinge when exposed to air at room temperature. Due to its low capture cross section for thermal neutrons, Niobium has application in the nuclear industry. Niobium can be electrically heated and anodized to a wide variety of... [See More]

  • Type: Niobium / Niobium Alloy; Refractory / Reactive; Alloy
  • Thickness: 0.0050 to 0.0100
  • Specifications: ASTM / ASME; AMS 7850
  • Features: Coil Stock (optional feature); Wrought; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn; Corrosion Resistant
Molybdenum Foil
from Elmet Technologies, Inc.

Material below .005 inches in thickness is classified as foil. Typical uses for it are production of drawn parts, electronic components, metallizing sources, furnace insulation and chemically etched parts. Molybdenum foil has the ability to be etched into fine patterns, which makes it useful to the... [See More]

  • Type: Molybdenum; Refractory / Reactive
  • Width / OD: 0.2500 to 12
  • Thickness: 1.00E-3 to 0.0050
  • Features: Corrosion Resistant
Beryllium - x-ray -- IF-1
from Materion Corporation

Foil Integrity: Foil is available in three classifications of integrity. Vacuum Tight: The foil will have no detectable leaks. This will be tested with a helium mass spectrometer leak detector with a sensitivity of 1 x 10-9 atm-cc/sec. Thickness range: 0.0003 – 0.010 inches. Optically Dense:... [See More]

  • Type: Refractory / Reactive; Pure, Unalloyed or Very Low Alloy Additions
  • Applications: Electronics or semiconductors; X-Ray
  • Features: LightAlloy
Copper-Tungsten Sheet / Foil
from Rhenium Alloys, Inc.

Rhenium Alloys offers Copper-Tungsten in sheet and foil. For over 45 years, Rhenium Alloys has been delivering high performance refractory metals to customers who desire an alloy that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Typical Applications. • Aerospace Propulsion. •... [See More]

  • Type: Copper; Refractory / Reactive; Tungsten; Composite
  • Applications: Aerospace or Aircraft Quality; Chemical or material processing; Electronics or semiconductors; HV / Electrical; Resistance Alloy / Heating; Wear resistant parts or tooling; Radar Systems, Components, Sputtering Targets, Heating Elements, Shields & Liners
Cobalt Alloy -- HAYNES® 188
from Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc.

Alloy 188 is a cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten alloy that combines excellent high-temperature strength with very good resistance to oxidizing environments up to 2100°F (1095°C) for prolonged exposures, and excellent resistance to sulfate deposit hot corrosion. It is readily fabricated and formed by... [See More]

  • Type: Cobalt; Refractory / Reactive; Titanium; Miscellaneous Ferrous Alloy
  • Specifications: AMS; UNS; PWA 1042, GE B50TF59-S4
  • UNS Number: 30188
  • Features: Coil Stock; Wrought; Cold Finished, Rolled or Cold Drawn; Corrosion Resistant; Superalloy