Polypropylene (PP) Filter Media Datasheets

Hydrophobic Filtration Membrane ACCUREL® PP 150/330
from 3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division

ACCUREL ® PP hydrophobic membranes are highly porous membranes that provide excellent chemical compatibility over a wide spectrum of solutions. We manufacture ACCUREL in a flat sheet and capillary configuration. ACCUREL ® PP Flat Sheet Membrane. Because of their hydrophobic nature, the... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Polypropylene
  • Type: Micro Filtration
  • Maximum Pressure: 16
  • Filtration Product: Water
Candle Filter, Vacuum Drum and Vertial Disc Media For Liquid Filtration -- TG305
from TTG Inc.

Due to the unique chemical and thermal resistance properties of TTG ’s ePTFE membrane, we apply our filtration laminates in several liquid-solids separation applications. Candle Filters in Pulp Mills – Our polypropylene laminates are designed to remove the black liquor dregs in the... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Polypropylene
  • Maximum Temperature: 195
  • Filtration Grade: 1.00
  • Type: Micro Filtration
Alfa Laval Flat Sheet Membranes
from Alfa Laval Inc.

The basic technology behind membrane filtration involves using a semi-permeable membrane to separate a liquid into two distinct streams. Pumping this liquid across the surface of the membrane creates a positive trans-membrane pressure that forces any components smaller than the porosity of the... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Polypropylene
  • Maximum Pressure: 15 to 145
  • Filtration Grade: 0.10 to 0.45
  • Maximum Temperature: 32 to 167
Random Plastic Media for Trickling Filters, Submerged Beds, and Anoxic/Anaerobic Reactors -- Bio-Rings®
from Jaeger Environmental

Plastic Bio-Rings ®. Random plastic media for trickling filters, submerged beds, and anoxic/anaerobic reactors. Rugged and durable UV stabilized polypropylene media. Can be used in shallow trickling filter applications. Also used extensively in upflow anaerobic and aerobic submerged bed... [See More]

  • Filter Medium Material: Polypropylene
  • Application / Industry: Waste Water
  • Filtration Product: Gas; Water