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 USB connectorwire to board

Single row connector. USB connector. Image Credit: Digi-Key Female wire-to-board connector. Image Credit: samtec


Board mount connectors or circuit board connectors are connectors that can be used as components embedded on a computer board. The boards can be customized to meet the user application.




Board mount connectors differ in name based on their specific applications. Applications include:


  • Board-to-board connectors are used to connect printed circuit boards (PCBs). Each terminal connects to a PCB.
  • Wire-to-board connectors are used to interconnect PCBs by using connectors attached to wires.
  • Board-to-wire connectors are used to interconnect PCBs by using connectors attached to wires.
  • Edge connectors, also known as edge card connectors, are edge-on printed circuit board connectors for single or double-sided PCBs.

There are many different connectors available to suit a wide variety of applications. Some connectors can be used to connect audio or USB wires to the circuit boards


Connector Row Types


Board mount connectors use pins to connect between boards. The pins are available in a number of different row options. 


  • Single row (SIL)
  • Double row (DIL)
  • Triple row
  • Quad row

Pins are also available in different orientations such as horizontal (right-angle) or vertical (straight) with respect to the in surface mount.


Performance Criteria


  • Impedanceis the opposition that an electrical circuit presents to the passage of an alternating current when a voltage is applied.
  • Voltage ratingis the normal voltage to be applied to an electrical device to provide for proper operation.
  • Current ratingis the maximum, recommended, continuous flow of electrical current.
  • Frequency range is the number of complete cycles through which the connector is designed to function according to the design.
  • Number of contacts is the number of conductive elements that mate with a corresponding element to provide an electrical path.
  • Contact size, also referred to as termination size, is the maximum diameter wire the connector can accommodate.
  • Insertion loss(id dB) is the total RF power transmission loss resulting from the insertion of a device in a transmission line.
  • Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) is the ration expressing the amount of reflected energy at the input device.

  • Operating temperature the range of ambient operating temperature.



Glossary of Electrical Terms

About board to board connectors


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