Stand Alone Temperature Signal Conditioners Datasheets

4-Ch, 24-bit Programmable Thermocouple Input Node (Americas) -- 780998-02
from National Instruments

The NI WSN-3212 measurement node is a wireless device that provides four 24-bit thermocouple input channels and four bidirectional digital channels that you can configure on a per-channel basis for input, sinking output, or sourcing output or that you can program to respond to digital value change... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • CJC: Cold Junction Compensation
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input
  • Channels: 4
Compact Modular Signal Conditioner -- OM5
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The OM5 series modular signal conditioners provide a low cost, high performance method of inter-connecting real-world analog signals with data acquisition, monitoring or control systems. They are designed to interface directly to analog inputs such as thermocouples, RTDs, strain gages and voltage or... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • DC Voltage: +/-5 V
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; RTD Input
  • T/C Type: E; J; K; T; B; S; R; W5
Modular 600 Multi-Channel Signal Conditioning System
from RDP Electrosense

Signal conditioning is required where the output of a transducer needs to be boosted or changed into a form suitable for the monitor or logging device which will be used. A very wide range of gain adjustment ensures that our amplifiers are compatible with the vast majority of LVDT and strain gauge... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Modular Bay or Slot System; Stand-alone
  • Channels: 12
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input (optional feature); RTD Input (optional feature)
  • Differential Channels: Yes
DeviceNet Box Modules -- IP3202-B520|B528
from Beckhoff Automation LLC

The IP3202 analog input module allows resistance sensors to be connected directly. The module ’s circuitry can operate the sensors using 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection techniques. Linearisation over the full temperature range is realised with the aid of a microprocessor. The temperature range can... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • Material: Platinum (optional feature); Nickel (optional feature)
  • Inputs: RTD Input
  • Reference Resistance: 100 (optional feature); 120 (optional feature); 200 (optional feature); 500 (optional feature); 1000 (optional feature)
RTD and Thermistor -- SERIES 5750
from Watlow®

Watlow's platinum resistance elements are specially designed to ensure precise and repeatable temperature versus resistance measurements. The sensors are made with controlled purity platinum wire and high purity ceramic components. They are constructed in a unique, strain-free manner. Several RTD... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • T/C Type: E; J; K; N; T; B; S; R
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; RTD Input
  • Configuration: 3-Wire; 4-Wire