Alarms Ovens (industrial) Datasheets

Benchtop Test Oven -- Qmax
from Despatch - ITW EAE

Meets your testing requirements. The Qmax High Performance Benchtop oven is specifically designed to meet the frequent air changes and tight temperature uniformity required of the ASTM 5423 Type I & Type II oven specification. A high-volume fan circulates air through perforated, stainless steel... [See More]

  • Features: Shelves, Racks or Carts; Alarms; Data Logger or Recorder
  • Capacity: 4.2
  • Temperature Range: ? to 649
  • Application: Aging; Curing; Drying; Testing, Sterilizing
Durocell Natural Circulation Oven -- 111

The Durocell comes equipped with a highly resistant coating of EPOLON that protects the inner stainless steel chamber and surfaces from aggressive agents such as acids and solvents. The ovens are ideal for basic hydrolysis, extraction through incombustible substances, and decomposition of substances... [See More]

  • Features: Shelves, Racks or Carts; Timer; Alarms
  • Capacity: 3.9
  • Temperature Range: 41 to 572
  • Application: Sterilizing