Bronze Metric Gears Datasheets

100mm C.D. Worm Set -- 45 06 007
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

Due to their multiple mounting possibilities worm-gear drives are employed in almost all branches of industry. Their special features are the crossed axes and a wide range of gear ratios extending in one step from i = 5 to i = 100. The sliding motion of the tooth fanks ensures silent and vibration... [See More]

  • Material: Bronze
  • Number of Teeth: 27
  • Gear Type: Worm; Worm Wheel
  • Direction: Right
Aluminum-Bronze Screw Gears (AN) -- AN1-13L
from KHK USA, Inc.

Aluminum bronze made products have excellent wear resistance. KHK stock screw gears come in four materials, S45C, SUS303, CAC702 (formerly AlBC2) and MC nylon, in modules 1 ~ 4 and numbers of teeth from 10 to 30. [See More]

  • Material: Aluminum; Bronze
  • Number of Teeth: 13
  • Gear Type: Other; Screw Gears
  • Pressure Angle: 20°
Metal Screw Gears (metric) -- KAN1-13L

Module 1, 13 Tooth Aluminum Bronze Screw Gear - Left Spiral Hand [See More]

  • Material: Bronze
  • PD: 18.4
  • Number of Teeth: 13
  • Face Width: 10
from RS Components, Ltd.

Worm and pinion gears designed to produce large speed reduction ratios, especially in low loading applications. Available in modules 0.8 and 1.0. Both the pinion gear and worm module number / number of starts must match to ensure correct assembly. Worms manufactured from steel (pinion gears from... [See More]

  • Material: Bronze; Steel
  • Direction: Right
  • Gear Type: Worm
  • PD: 14