Pinion Metric Gears

Custom and Modified Gears
from Ondrives.US Corporation, formerly Rino Mechanical

Ondrives.US has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing gears, gearboxes, and other motion transfer components for decades. If none of our standard gear options are right for your application, we can produce custom gears that meet your specifications. We can work from your part prints, or... [See More]

  • Gear Type: Spur; Helical; Worm; Worm Wheel; Rack; Pinion
  • Features: Anti-backlash
Spur Gear Pinion Shafts (metric) -- KSSCPGS10-10

Circular Pitch 10 - 10 Tooth Ground Steel Pinion Shaft [See More]

  • Gear Type: Pinion
  • Pressure Angle: 20°
  • Number of Teeth: 10
  • PD: 31.83
Flexirack Pinions (metric) -- A 1M 2MYHF08032
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

Pinion, 0.8 Module, 32 Teeth, 6mm Bore, 4mm Face Width. Material- Acetal. [See More]

  • Gear Type: Pinion
  • Pressure Angle: 20°
  • Number of Teeth: 32
  • PD: 25.6
Circular Pitch Pinion -- 24 00 430
from ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc.

Welcome to the widest range of standard racks & pinions in the World! Consisting of both helical & straight (spur) tooth versions, in an assortment of sizes, materials and quality levels, to meet almost any axis drive requirements. These drives are perfect for a wide range of applications,... [See More]

  • Gear Type: Spur; Pinion
  • Pressure Angle: 20°
  • Number of Teeth: 30
  • Features: Ground Teeth; Anti-backlash (optional feature)