6 VDC Manifolds and Manifold Systems Datasheets

ES, ESO Manifold -- 26081-4
from Clippard

ES Manifold, Single-Sided, 4-Station, #10-32 [See More]

  • Valve Power: 6VDC (optional feature); 12VDC (optional feature); 24VDC (optional feature)
  • Supply: 1
  • Application: General Purpose; Compressed Air (Pneumatic)
  • Outlet: 4
Inline 4 x 2-Way Valve-Closed -- 161T080
from Neptune Research, Inc.

NResearch Inc. inline manifold valves give a common flow to all valves with individual outputs in the normally closed mode. All manifolds are made up from individual valves, three, four, five and six valves ported together in a combining box. Commonly known as a "Quick Flush Manifolds". While these... [See More]

  • Valve Power: 6VDC
  • Outlet: 4
  • Application: General Purpose
  • Type: NPT