Food Processing Manifolds and Manifold Systems Datasheets

Gas Blending/Delivery System -- Series 3000
from Environics, Inc.

The Environics Series 3000 gas delivery/blending system offers on-site gas blending of 100% pure bulk gases and is configured to provide a solution to using costly premixed cylinders of gas. Software is customized to the end-users needs. Unlike premixed cylinders, the Environics model 3000 provides... [See More]

  • Application: Gas; Food; Medical / Pharmaceutical (optional feature); Shield Gas Mixing
  • Valve Actuation: Solenoid
  • Body Material: Acetal; Aluminum; Stainless (optional feature)
  • Network: Ethernet
CF-System -- Manifolds, DN 17
from A. u. K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG

This Manifold, made from polyamide, is ideal for fluid distribution and the merging of medium paths. The industry standard connection thread sizes enable the Manifold, DN 17 to be integrated into numerous applications. The internal diameter of 17mm allows for a high throughput, whilst maintaining... [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Water; Food; Hot / Cold Drink Dispensers, Cleaning Systems, Wahing Machines, Agricultural Implements
  • Outlet: 1 to 4
  • Supply: 1
  • Type: QuickConn
Five Valve Manifold -- HM55 Series
from Hex Valve

Blowdown manifold for differential applications, line mounted [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Water; Steam; Marine; Refrigerant; Cryogenic; HighTemp; Hydraulic; Oil/Fuel; General Chemical; Corrosive Chemical; Food; Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • Outlet: 1
  • Supply: 1
  • Type: BSPT; NPT
1/2 NPT (F) Input Ports (2-Station, 1.5" Spacing) -- M30-250-2W
from Pneumadyne, Inc.

Output port spacing is 1.5 ” center-to-center, 2 to 10 stations, Mounting versatility [See More]

  • Application: General Purpose; Compressed Air (Pneumatic); Vacuum; Water; Food; Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • Outlet: 2
  • Supply: 2
  • Type: NPT