Camera Positioner Imaging Workstations Datasheets

Imaging Workstations -- IM-6015

General-purpose Model [IM-6015] Just place and press. A totally new dimension measurement system born from a new concept which eliminates the need for X-Y stages. With a built-in ΓΈ100 optical lens, this model enables all points in the entire field of view to be measured in a batch. Field of view:... [See More]

  • Stage Type: Camera Positioner; Pattern Search
  • Feature Resolution: 0.0400
  • System Type: Embedded / Vision Engine; Modular / PC-Based
  • Mass Storage: 160
Automated Optical Inspection System -- nSPEC™
from Nanotronics Imaging

The Nanotronics Imaging nSpec ® is an inspection device designed for high resolution microscopy and detection of wafer defects. With particular application in silicon carbide and Galium Nitride epi wafers, the nSpec ® offers fast quantification and qualification of defects with detailed... [See More]

  • Stage Type: X-Y Stage; Camera Positioner
  • Applications: Electronics or Semiconductor Inspection
  • System Type: Modular / PC-Based
  • Image Source: Optical Microscope
Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope -- LSCM
from WDI Wise Device Inc.

The LSCM has the advantages of a confocal laser scanning microscope with the size and price of an IR camera. The combination of high contrast imaging, infrared capabilities, extremely small size and low cost enables many new applications. [See More]

  • Stage Type: X-Y Stage; Camera Positioner
  • Applications: Alignment / Guidance; Biotechnology or Medical; Electronics or Semiconductor Inspection; Flaw Detection; Gauging, Scanning & Dimensioning; Non-contact Profilometry; Production & Quality Control
  • System Type: Modular / PC-Based
  • Image Source: Area Scan Camera (optional feature); Line Scan Camera (optional feature); Thermal or Infrared; Optical Microscope; Confocal Laser