Single Hydraulic Cylinders Datasheets

Easymotion Hydraulic Linear Actuators -- A-Cylinder
from Bansbach Easylift® of North America, Inc.

A wide variety of A-Cylinder variations are available out of the gas spring production, guaranteeing our usual high quality. The A-Cylinder can be mounted directly on moveable part of the application. Further guiding of the A-Cylinder is not needed. Product features: max. weight 600 kg per system. [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Shaft Diameter: 0.8661
  • Stroke: 5.91 to 15.75
  • Cylinder Configuration: Simple
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Brass Cylinder -- H9C-1S
from Clippard

9/16" Heavy Duty, Single Acting, Clevis Mount, Spring Return, 1" [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Operating Pressure: 250 to 1000
  • Stroke: 1
  • Bore Size: 0.5625
Series A Pneumatic Cylinder - NFPA Style MDX -- Double Rod End
from Milwaukee Cylinder

MILWAUKEE Series "A" pneumatic cylinders are built to perform on the toughest applications. Incorporating a variety of MILWAUKEE "Exclusive" advanced features, proven through the years, these cylinders will provide a long, maintenance-free service life. Advanced engineering combined with quality... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Operating Pressure: 0.0 to 250
  • Stroke: 0.0 to 240
  • Bore Size: 1.5
NFPA Series A2, AV2, HV2 Back to Back Tierod Hydraulic or Air Cylinder
from PHD, Inc.

The Back-To-Back Cylinder is used where three or four-rod positions are required. Two cylinders are attached back-to-back using common tierods. Different strokes on each cylinder give the capability of four positive stop positions. Advantages: Four positive stop positions possible, two cylinders... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Operating Pressure: 20 to 1500
  • Stroke: 0.2500 to 12
  • Bore Size: 0.7500 to 1.38
BETEX ACHC Series Aluminum - Spring Return, Hollow Hydraulic Cylinder -- TB-ACY7200046
from Quality Bearings & Components

Aluminum - Spring Return, Hollow. HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS. BETEX ACHC SERIES. Specs: Capacity: 30 & 60 tons. Stroke: 50-150 mm. Max. working pressure: 10,000 psi / 700 bar. Features: Half the weight of steel cylinders. Heavy-duty spring for a fast & full return. Chrome plated center hole for... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Rated Load/Force: 66139
  • Stroke: 1.97
  • Operating Pressure: 10000
1222298 [SCH121H from ENERPAC]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Single acting hollow plunger pump-sets for lifting, push and pull applications. The kit comes with a two-speed hand-pump which can reduce the required number of handle strokes by up to 78. The two-speed pump also requires less effort than a single speed reducing operator fatigue. The cylinders... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Rated Load/Force: 24000
  • Stroke: 1.65
  • Operating Pressure: 10153
100 Series 2500 PSI Hydraulic Cylinders -- 104-**.**
from Aggressive Hydraulics Inc.

100 Series Cylinders. All 100 Series Cylinders are 100 % manufactured in the U.S.A. and are backed by the Aggressive Hydraulics Cylinder Warranty. Features. 2500 PSI Standard Duty Type. Cold drawn (high impact) 75,000 min. yield D.O.M. tubing. Ground & polished, hard chrome plated rods (75,000... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Operating Pressure: 2500
  • Stroke: 18
  • Bore Size: 1.5
Big Bore Hydraulic Cylinders -- CH
from Atos North America

CH big bore cylinders have engineered double acting construction, designed to suit the requirements of industrial applications: top reliability, high performances and long working life. Bore sizes from 250 to 400 mm. Strokes up to 5000 mm. 7 standard mounting styles. 2 seals options. 3 piston guides... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Operating Pressure: 2321 to 3626
  • Stroke: 197
  • Bore Size: 9.84 to 15.75
CHIEF® Single Acting Welded Cylinder for Snowplows -- 288-500
from Bailey International LLC

Snow Plow Cylinders. Pin holes at base end and rod end. Painted Black. 2500 PSI [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Operating Pressure: 0.0 to 2500
  • Stroke: 6
  • Bore Size: 1.5
Air / Hydraulic Cylinders -- NFPA
from Bimba Manufacturing Company

Heavy duty, repairable cylinders that meet NFPA standards. Combining NFPA dimensional interchangeability and high quality components, Bimbas cylinders offers excellent performance and long service life, even in the most severe conditions. Bimbas cylinders are fitted with a heavy-duty, Teflon ®... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single; Double
  • Operating Pressure: 250 to 400
  • Stroke: 1.5 to 120
  • Bore Size: 0.7500 to 12
DB Series Tie Rod Cylinder -- 310DB
from Cross Manufacturing, Inc.

Proprietary special rod lipseal design for superior sealing [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Rated Load/Force: 17670
  • Stroke: 10
  • Operating Pressure: 2500
Pneumatic and Hydraulic 1" Bore Cylinder -- RC-1000
from Cylinders & Valves, Inc.

SPECIAL FEATURES. Non-corrosive throughout. Heavy wall tube (1/8" thick brass, pump cylinder finish). Polished and ground stainless steel piston rods. Threaded rods standard. All parts easily and economically serviced. Aircraft type "O" ring seals (Buna "N" standard compound). 0-500 PSI operating... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Operating Pressure: 0.0 to 500
  • Stroke: 0.0625 to ?
  • Bore Size: 1
Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Single Acting
from Prince Manufacturing Corp.

Steel externally threaded gland caps. Urethane wiper in gland cap. Homogenous alternating hytrel and nylon vee sets. Glass filled nylon gland bearing rings. Glass filled nylon piston bearing rings. One piece threaded construction pistons. Interlocking step-cut cast iron piston rings. Carbon steel,... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Operating Pressure: 1000 to 3000
  • Stroke: 75 to 220
  • Bore Size: 2.5 to 9.75
Standard Hydraulic Cylinders
from Texas Hydraulics, Inc. (THI)

Our Standard Cylinders come with minimal modifications. Both double and single-acting designs are available. They feature durable chrome plated rod, piston sealing, and standard or custom mounting. Our standard cylinders can be customized with a variety of options including position sensing, valve... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single (optional feature); Double (optional feature)
  • Operating Pressure: 200 to 5000
  • Stroke: 0.0 to 470
  • Bore Size: 1 to 16
Block Cyl, S/A #2200 1/4 -- 20-1108-00
from Vektek, Inc.

No special mounting hardware required, just bolt down these easy to use devices. Dual position mounting, either parallel or perpendicular to piston travel on every model. Adjustable force ranging from "negligible" to maximum cylinder capacity, just adjust the input pressure. Advance porting is... [See More]

  • Cylinder Action: Single
  • Operating Pressure: 5000
  • Stroke: 0.2500
  • Mounting: Threaded; Dual Position Mounting