In-process / Clean-In-Place (CIP) Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments Datasheets

Mold Cleaner -- 3095
from Aervoe Industries Incorporated

For in-place cleaning, removes all deposits, grease, oil and soils [See More]

  • Industry Applications: Critical Cleaning; In-process or Clean-In-Place; Metal Molds
  • Temperature: 40 to 110
  • Type: Aerosol / Contact Cleaner; Cleaner; Degreaser; Solvent
Cleaners -- Castrol Careclean
from Castrol Industrial North America, Inc.

Once seen as a necessary evil, industrial cleaning has become a crucial element of the value chain within many industrial manufacturing processes. In recent years, cleanliness requirements have increased significantly to guarantee accurate quality, functionality and lifespan of parts and components,... [See More]

  • Industry Applications: In-process or Clean-In-Place
  • Features: Contains Phosphates (optional feature); Carbon Removal
  • Type: Corrosive Alkaline (optional feature); Cleaner; Degreaser (optional feature); Aqueous (optional feature)

CIMCLEAN ® 10-30P is a multipurpose cleaner. It is an effective system cleaner for individual and central system clean out. [See More]

  • Industry Applications: In-process or Clean-In-Place
  • Volume Basis: 1.0 to 4.0
  • Type: Alkaline; Cleaner; Degreaser; Aqueous
System Cleaners -- CompKleen® Synthetic Cleaner
from CITGO Petroleum Corporation

CITGO CompKleen Synthetic Cleaner is a high performance compressor cleaner designed to loosen, remove and suspend the varnish, sludge, and carbon typically found in rotary screw and rotary vane compressors. These deposits are found throughout the system and can result in serious operational problems... [See More]

  • Industry Applications: In-process or Clean-In-Place; Compressor Cleaner
  • Volume Basis: 10.0
  • Type: Cleaner
  • Features: Carbon Removal
Equipment Flushing Solvent -- 11
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

Hernon ® Equipment Flushing Solvent 11 is designed for cleaning and flushing dispensing equipment, reservoirs, valves, and feed lines. [See More]

  • Industry Applications: Mil-Spec; In-process or Clean-In-Place
  • Full Strength Use: Usable Undiluted or Full Strength
  • Type: Cleaner; Solvent
Acid Salts -- 1215
from Pavco, Inc.

1215 - is an easy to use alternative to liquid acid for pickling and descaling of metal surfaces. [See More]

  • Industry Applications: In-process or Clean-In-Place; Metals Cleaning
  • Type: Surface Treatment; Acid; Cleaner
Cleaners -- AZOLLA NET HC
from Total Lubricants USA, Inc.

Petroleum based cleaner with special detergents used to clean hydraulic circuits and other circulating oil systems. [See More]

  • Industry Applications: In-process or Clean-In-Place; Hydraulics / Circulating Systems
  • Type: Cleaner; Detergent