Pretreatment / Conditioner Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments Datasheets

CHEMEON Anodizing Additive -- AA-200
from CHEMEON Surface Technology, LLC

CHEMEON AA-200 is another RoHS compliant CHEMEON specialty chemical product. AA-200 is a proprietary aluminum anodizing, chemical additive used in conjunction with a conventional hardcoat anodizing or sulfuric anodizing metal finishing processing tank. AA-200 is a next generation "green" aluminum... [See More]

  • Type: Pretreatment; Aqueous
  • Volume Basis: 0.4 to 4.0
from Henkel Corporation - Industrial

(Known as Parco Preclean 2960 ). BONDERITE C-AK PRECLEAN 2960 ALKALINE CLEANER ™ Concentrated, water-based cleaner. It is effective in the body shop as well as in the hand wipe operation of industrial assembly lines. Alkaline cleaners [See More]

  • Type: Alkaline; Pretreatment; Cleaner; Aqueous
Pre-treatment Processes -- Techni ACT 9600 / Techni ACT 5800
from Technic, Inc.

Acidic descaling processes for removing oxides and heat scale from base material substrates prior to subsequent electroplating applications. [See More]

  • Type: Surface Treatment; Pretreatment
  • Industry Applications: Semiconductors or Cleanroom; Electronics
Pre-weld Surface Cleaner -- SURFOX™ Pre-Weld
from Walter Surface Technologies

Formulated for preparing and degreasing metallic surfaces prior to welding. Features. Reduced VOC content when compared to solvent based surface cleaners. Replacement for surface preparation solvents such as acetone. Ready to use. Applications. Prepares metallic surfaces prior to welding [See More]

  • Type: Surface Treatment; Aerosol / Contact Cleaner; Pretreatment; Cleaner
  • Industry Applications: Welding
  • Full Strength Use: Usable Undiluted or Full Strength

PRODUCTO SG-131 is a ready-to-use, water based weld spatter preventative and cleaner for weld gun nozzles and other equipment. [See More]

  • Type: Surface Treatment; Neutral; Pretreatment; Cleaner; Aqueous
  • Full Strength Use: Usable Undiluted or Full Strength
  • Volume Basis: 100.0
  • Industry Applications: In-process or Clean-In-Place; Metalworking Machinery
"Old Yellow" PC Polish Cleaner -- 43310
from DME Company

Removes stains and mold deposits. Conditions your mold for faster start-ups an improved release properties. Protects as it cleans. Does not contain diamond dust. Particle size <5 microns. Handy plastic squeeze bottle. Use on all metal molds for removal of stains and discoloration. Can be used on... [See More]

  • Type: Surface Treatment; Pretreatment; Cleaner
  • Industry Applications: Molding Applications
DuPont WP™ Wash/Etching Pre-Treatment Primer
from DuPont Performance Coatings

DuPont WP ™ Wash Primer is a non-sanding primer designed to give exceptional adhesion and corrosion resistance over bare metal surfaces. This product eliminates the need to chemically treat metal surfaces before priming. [See More]

  • Type: Surface Treatment; Etchant; Pretreatment
  • Temperature: 50 to 95
Monodispersed Acrylate Beads(for Surface Modification):
from Esprix Technologies

Submicron to Micron sizes [See More]

  • Type: Surface Treatment; Pretreatment
EF® Adhesion Promoter -- 42
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

Hernon EF Adhesion Promoter 42 is a single-component surface preparation component created to improve the adhesion of low surface energy plastics including polyethylene, polypropylene and Santoprene. EF Adhesion promoter is formulated for use with Quantum and Instabond cyanoacrylate adhesives. [See More]

  • Type: Surface Treatment; Pretreatment
  • Features: Low Foam or Non-foaming
  • Full Strength Use: Usable Undiluted or Full Strength
  • Industry Applications: Mil-Spec
Cleaning -- Houghto-Clean® A-801
from Houghton International, Inc.

Houghto-Clean ® A-801 is a pre-paint alkaline spray cleaner concentrate for aluminum. This liquid is formulated to remove cutting and forming oils and lubricants prior to chrome/phosphate treatment in a paint line. Houghto-Clean A-801 also etches the aluminum base metal to assure an activated... [See More]

  • Type: Surface Treatment; Alkaline; Etchant; Pretreatment; Cleaner
  • Industry Applications: Aluminum Pre-paint Cleaner
  • Features: Low Foam or Non-foaming; Carbon Removal
Vibra-Tite® Excel Surface Prep Materials
from ND Industries, Inc.

Significantly speeds up the cure time of anaerobic threadlockers when assembling metal parts that are cold, have large gaps or deep threads. Primers are recommended when assembling metal parts with inactive surfaces such as stainless, galvanized steel and zinc. Used to improve gap-filling abilities... [See More]

  • Type: Surface Treatment; Pretreatment; Solvent
  • Industry Applications: Acceleration Of Curing For Anaerobic Threadlockers
Maintenance Product -- Chembar
from PPG TrueFinish

Eliminates welding spatter adherence, water soluble wax [See More]

  • Type: Pretreatment; Aqueous
  • Features: Non-toxic; VOC Compliant
  • Full Strength Use: Usable Undiluted or Full Strength
SafeGard® CC-3000 Chromate-free Chemical Conversion Coating
from Sanchem, Inc.

The Naval Air Development Center tested the 6 best chromate-free metal surface treatment to the Mil-C-5541 specification. Their conclusion was that SafeGard CC is the best non chromate conversion coating terms of paint adhesion and corrosion resistance [See More]

  • Type: Pretreatment
  • Industry Applications: Mil-Spec
  • Features: Chrome-Free
BioBooster™ -- Soy Cetane Improver
from United Bio Lube

Provides excellent ROI through long service life, ultimate biodegradation [See More]

  • Type: Pretreatment
  • Features: Low Foam or Non-foaming; Non-toxic; Biodegradeable; VOC Compliant
  • Full Strength Use: Usable Undiluted or Full Strength
  • Industry Applications: Automotive