Walls Protective Liners and Lining Systems Datasheets

The Blast-Tamer® wall system
from General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

Explosion protection systems developed by General Plastics are being used successfully by our partners in multiple U.S. locations. The Blast-TamerĀ® wall system, which incorporates advanced-technology polyurethane foam, is designed to mitigate inadvertent explosion in ordnance storage facilities. It... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Mining; Construction; Military / Aerospace; Walls
  • Liner Materials: Urethane / Polyurethane
  • Function: Heat or Fire Protection; Blast Mitigation
  • Form: Liner
Flow 15P Drainage and Protection System
from Polyguard Products, Inc.

Polyguard Flow 15P Drainage and Protection System is a conventional "dimple board" drainage system with a built-in protection layer. POLYGUARD DRAINAGE MATS are three-part prefabricated geocomposite drain consisting of a formed polystyrene core covered on one side with polypropylene filter fabric. [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Walls; Anywhere Aggregate Drainage Systems Were Used
  • Thickness: 0.3750
  • Function: Nonstick, Nonwetting or Flow Promoting; Abrasion or Sliding Wear; Drainage Mat
  • Liner Materials: Polystyrene Core, Polypropylene Filter
System III LW
from Epro Services, Inc.

System III LW is a field installed composite waterproofing and gas vapor barrier that is comprised of a water-based Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) membrane applied to the back of a HDPE core and polypropylene fabric drainage composite which provides the durability and chemical resistance of HDPE... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Cement; Construction; Flooring; Walls; HDPE / UHMW PE
  • Liner Materials: Composite or Laminate; Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA)
  • Function: Corrosion; Sealing or Containment
  • Form: Liner; Membrane or Geotextile; Spray-on / Spray-Cast; Multi-Component Fluid/Fabric Membrane
Spray Foam Liner (Coating) -- Polyurea
from NCFI Polyurethanes

Polyurea liners possess a perfect combination of physical characteristics: high-caliber chemical resistance and unrivaled physical strength. These two traits are why polyurea liners are far superior to other coatings on the market. These unique coatings have the ability to protect concrete, steel,... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Chemical; Water; Walls; Plastic
  • Liner Materials: Urethane / Polyurethane
  • Function: Corrosion; Sealing or Containment; Abrasion or Sliding Wear; PrimaryContainment
  • Form: Liner; Spray-on / Spray-Cast
ALTRA® Fiber Modules -- ALTRA® 72
from Rath Incorporated

ALTRA ® fiber modules are designed for application temperatures up to 3000 °F. ALTRA ® polycrystalline fibers offer significantly reduced thermal shrinkage compared to refractory ceramic fibers. The reduced shrinkage makes it possible to use ALTRA ® modules at much higher... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Chemical; Furnace / Refractory; Manufacturing; Walls; Electronic Ceramics, Powder Metal Parts
  • Liner Materials: Ceramic; Polycrystalline Fibers
  • Function: Heat or Fire Protection; Kilns, Furnaces
  • Form: Liner; Loose or Pre-fabricated Shape; Tile of Sectional; Brick
from Rhino Linings USA, Inc. / Industrial Division

Impact/abrasion/chemical/corrosion/rust & skid resistance, sound deadening. [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Cement; Chemical; Crushers & Mills; Environmental Remediation; Food Contact, Pharmaceutical or Sanitary; PowerGeneration; PulpPaper; MetalMills; Material Handling; Mining; Manufacturing; Oil & Gas; Packaging or Containers; Construction; Military / Aerospace; Water; Automotive or Transportation; Marine; Flooring; Walls; Plastic; Pipes / Piping; Vessels; Aggregate, Plating
  • Thickness: 0.0625 to ?
  • Function: Corrosion; Impact; Abrasion or Sliding Wear; Sound Attenuation or Sound Proofing; PrimaryContainment; SecondaryContainment; High Hydraulic Stability
  • Liner Materials: Urethane / Polyurethane
Epoxy Matte Reinforced System -- No. 240
from Sauereisen, Inc.

The Sauereisen Epoxy Matte Reinforced System No. 240 is a multiple layer, 1/8 inch thick, fiberglass reinforced lining for chemical-resistant construction of sumps, dikes, containment areas, trenches, walls, and floors. The Epoxy Matte Reinforced System offers superior resistance to most caustics,... [See More]

  • Industry / Application: Cement; Construction; Water; Flooring; Walls; Plastic; Vessels
  • Thickness: 0.1250
  • Function: Corrosion
  • Liner Materials: Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy