Base Organic Chemicals Datasheets

Wet Chemicals
from Linde North America, Inc.

Supplying ultra-pure chemicals for the global microelectronics industry through our joint venture with AUECC. We supply chemicals for electronic manufacturing though our joint venture with Asia Union Electronic Chemical Corporation (AUECC), a leading supplier of wet process chemicals to high-tech... [See More]

  • Trigger: Solvent; Acid; Base
  • Chemical Name: Acetone, N-methyl, 2 pyrrolodine (nMP), Monoethanolamine, Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate, Methyl ethyl ketone,and More
  • Chemical Family: All Carboxylic Acids; All Alcohols; Acetic Acid; Isopropanol; Ethanol; Ethylene Glycol
  • State of Matter: Gas
Amplified Opti-4CN Goat Anti-Mouse Detection Kit -- 170-8240
from Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

High sensitivity (5 pg) colorimetric detection kit, includes optimized 4CN substrate, antibody conjugate, amplification reagents; for 2,500 cm2 of membrane (~50 mini blots). Enzymes such as HRP or AP convert several substrates to a colored precipitate. As the precipitate accumulates on the blot, a... [See More]

  • Trigger: Base
Formaldehyde Solutions & Concentrates
from Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Solutions of formaldehyde are used in the manufacture of synthetic resins due to their high reactivity with phenol, urea, melamine and other similar compounds. GP Chemicals produces formaldehyde (HCHO) solutions at concentrations ranging from 1% to 52%, in both uninhibited and methanol inhibited... [See More]

  • Trigger: Base
  • Chemical Family: All Aldehydes; Formaldehyde
FlexiSolv™ Microemulsions

FlexiSolv ™ microemulsions are clear, single phase solutions which offer strong solvency power in a water-dilutable, water-rinseable system. They allow you to do more while using less organic solvent. FlexiSolv ™ microemulsions combine excellent performance with a favorable regulatory,... [See More]

  • Trigger: Solvent; Acid (optional feature); Base (optional feature)
  • pH: Acidic (optional feature); Alkaline (optional feature)
  • State of Matter: Liquid / Solution
  • Freezing Temperature: 10.4 to 68
from Penta Manufacturing Company

Product Code: 08-69900. CAT Number: 08-69900. CAS Number: 148-24-3. FEMA Number: N/A. Kosher: No. Natural: No. European Pharm: No. NF: No. USP: No. British Pharm: No. FCC: No. Halal: No. Japanese Pharm: No [See More]

  • Trigger: Base
  • CAS Number: 148-24-3
Chlorhexidine Base
from Wintersun Chemical

Chlorhexidine Base [See More]

  • Trigger: Base
  • Chemical Formula: C22H30Cl2N10
  • Chemical Name: Chlorhexidine Base
  • CAS Number: 55-56-1