Explosion-proof DC Motors Datasheets

Explosion Proof DC Motors -- CDPX3410
from ABB

Permanent Magnet DC Motors are available for 1/4 - 2 HP and wound field motors of 1/2 - 3 HP for Class I, Group D and Class II, Group F & G locations with listing by both UL and CSA. Applications include conveyors and mixers in hazardous locations. [See More]

  • Extreme Environment: Explosion-proof
  • Continuous Current: 2.7
  • Shaft Speed: 1750
  • Output Power: 0.3351
ER Series Motor -- ER115
from Exlar

For hazardous duty environments with constant exposure to flammable gasses or vapors* Exlar ’s ER Series rotary explosionproof motors and gearmotors provide an excellent solution. Exlar ’s motors utilizing T-LAM ™ technology, an innovative segmented winding, have been designed for... [See More]

  • Extreme Environment: Explosion-proof
  • Shaft Speed: 300 to 3000
  • DC Voltage: 24.0 to 48.0
  • Continuous Current: 7.7 to 17.6
Small DC Motors
from GE Power Conversion

Engineered to perform, built to last. Our direct current motors set the standard in the DC motor industry. We offer comprehensive solutions supporting a large installed base of DC industrial motors. Our motors are a reliable lifeline to driven equipment and the backbone for our customer's production... [See More]

  • Extreme Environment: Explosion-proof
  • Shaft Speed: 300 to 3500
  • DC Voltage: 180.0 to 500.0
  • Output Power: 1 to 500
Brush DC Cored Motors
from Nidec Corporation

They save energy compared to AC motors. These are brush DC motors that use permanent magnets. They are also called governless motors. They feature lower power consumption than AC motors. [See More]

  • Extreme Environment: Explosion-proof
  • Shaft Speed: 2000 to 2200
  • DC Voltage: 13.0
  • Continuous Current: 9 to 12.5