PbS Infrared Spectrometers Datasheets

NIR with PbS Spectrofluorometer -- QuantaMaster™ 520
from HORIBA Scientific

Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has emerged as a valuable analytical technique, especially in the fields of material research, chemistry and photomedicine. Powerful NIR capabilities are available through PTI as either a stand-alone research grade fluorometer or as an upgrade to PTI ’s UV-VIS... [See More]

  • Detector Type: PbS
  • Spectral Range:: 1000 to 3200
  • IR Range: Near
  • Spectral Resolution:: 0.0220
Advanced Desktop NIR Moisture Meter -- KJT230
from Kett US

This unique instrument uses Near Infrared Light for instant non-contact, non-destructive testing of liquid and solid samples. Measures moisture content. Multiple filters provide additional stability and increases robust nature of calibration. Includes Tracker software for calibration, measurement... [See More]

  • Detector Type: PbS
  • Spectral Range:: 1450 to 1940
  • IR Range: Near
  • Response Time:: 0.2000