Mid Infrared Spectrometers Datasheets

IR Photometer -- PIR3502
from ABB Measurement & Analytics

PIR3502 Process Photometers are designed for the IR (infrared) and NIR (near infrared) spectral regions. The PIR3502 process photometer provides continuous measurements of vapor or liquid samples, in simple or complex process streams, for process control, product quality assurance, safety, catalyst... [See More]

  • IR Range: Near; Mid
  • Optical System: Filter System
  • Spectral Range:: 800 to 14500
  • Detector Type: LiTaO3
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer -- FT/IR-4100
from JASCO

The new JASCO FT/IR-4100 and FT/IR-4200 were designed to provide operational features and sensitivity levels found only in more expensive instruments. The innovative technology incorporated in these instruments results in exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio specifications. Both models offer... [See More]

  • IR Range: Near; Mid; Far
  • Spectral Range:: 350 to 7800
  • Measurement Type: Fourier Transform Infrared
  • Spectral Resolution:: 1.11E7
Evacuable Moisture Analyzer -- V Series
from MIDAC Corporation

The MIDAC V-Series is designed to detect lower moisture levels than ever before...so you can raise your standards for purity higher than ever before! It's true, MIDAC's V-Series Moisture Analyzers provide unprecedented capability for detecting moisture and other impurities in corrosive gases. [See More]

  • IR Range: Near; Mid
  • Spectral Range:: 1282 to 7407
  • Measurement Type: Fourier Transform Infrared
  • Spectral Resolution:: 2.00E7
Cryogenic Optical System -- Telops Cryo-FTS
from TELOPS, Inc.

Telops engineers sophisticated optical systems that provide above expected performances from ambient to harsh environments of cryogenic medium (vacuum/10Kelvin). Telops cryogenic optical systems target applications where meeting extreme requirements is necessary. Each subsystem is engineered with... [See More]

  • IR Range: Mid; Far
  • Optical System: Interferometer