50 Hz / International Power AC Motors Datasheets

Inline Gearmotors -- D** 10 DD ZBA 63 A 2
from Demag Cranes & Components

Demag type D helical gear motors are available in 9 sizes, as foot and flange-mounted units. The gear ratio of the basic two-stage gearbox is already very high. It can also be significantly increased by means of a third stage. Sizes D11 to D41 feature a housing of high-quality pressure die-cast... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; 460/480V/60Hz; 575/600V/60Hz (optional feature); International Voltages (optional feature)
  • Shaft Speed: 50 to 389
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • Continuous Current: 0.4800
Groschopp AC Motors -- 5148
from Groschopp, Inc.

Groschopp AC Motors are constructed with class "H" insulation components allowing for running temperatures up to 180 degrees C. Die-cast aluminum endbells. Ball-bearing construction. Tough, all-aluminum frame. Durable powder coating paint. Innovative cooling channels inside the frame to eliminate... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: International Voltages
  • Shaft Speed: 1190
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Continuous Current: 0.3100
Washdown Duty Stainless Steel 3-Phase AC Motors -- WSS Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The WSS Series stainless steel motors are 3-phase industrial grade washdown duty motors made with 300 grade stainless steel housing. These fractional HP motors come in sizes from 1/3 to 2 H.P. and are available with a double reinforced welded 56H base or without a base in the round body style. [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; 460/480V/60Hz; International Voltages
  • Shaft Speed: 1725 to 3460
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • Continuous Torque: 0.7000 to 5.9
AC Motor - C Frame Model PM48 -- PM4810-2
from Pelonis Technologies, Inc.

Size: 48x49mm (1.89x1.93in). Applications: Space heaters, fans humidifiers, business equipment, office machines, household appliances and industrial products. 230V AC Motor, C-Frame, 48x49mm (1.89x1.93in), 2700 RPM, 10mm stack size. [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages
  • Continuous Current: 0.0740
  • Shaft Speed: 2700
  • Output Power: 0.0115
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-02B
from Yaskawa America, Inc. - Motion Division

0.02 - 3kW, high inertia. The SGMCS servomotor line is designed for direct drive applications where the load is directly attached to the motor surface. Pre-tapped mounting holes and a hollow-through shaft permit a variety of machine designs. This direct drive motor has substantial load carrying... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages; 200 V
  • Shaft Speed: 200 to 500
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Continuous Current: 1.8
HydroDuty AC Motor -- 53099 [53099 from Bluffton Motor Works]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

2 hp; 1,725/1,425 rpm; 208-230/460; Three Phase; 60/50 Hz; C-Face - With Base; TEFC; Washdown Duty; 145TC Frame; 1 SF; Stainless Steel Frame [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; 460/480V/60Hz; International Voltages
  • Shaft Speed: 1725 to 1800
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • Continuous Current: 2.8 to 6.2
Hysteresis Synchronous AC Gear Motor -- Model 700
from Autotrol Corporation

The 700 synchronous motor is available in speeds from 460 RPM TO 1 revolution per month. It is suitable for many timing and instrument applications that require the smooth acceleration and quiet operation of a hysteresis motor. AC Gear Motor - Model 700 Features. Always starts in the right direction... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages; 24 V
  • Continuous Current: 0.0220 to 0.3200
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Continuous Torque: 0.8750 to 1.19
247 Series 3-Phase Inverter Duty Gearmotor 230V -- 017-247-0011
from Bison Gear and Engineering

Gearhead Specifications. Housing: Precision machined die cast aluminum. Lubrication: Lifetime oil bath, sealed and gasketed. Shafts: Hardened steel. Mounting: Face (any angle) or optional footplate. Gearing: AGMA class 9 heat treated steel. 1st stage helical metal, balance spur metal. Bearings:... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages; 6 - 90 Hz
  • Shaft Speed: 165
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • Continuous Current: 0.8200
Capacitor Motor -- KM 4020/2
from ebm-papst Automotive & Drives, Inc.

AC capacitor motors are available in external and internal rotor designs. The two or four-pole motors of this type feature a simple, robust design. They are versatile in use and suitable for a wide variety of applications. Standard Version: Direction of rotation clockwise winding symetrical, also... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages
  • Shaft Speed: 2600
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Continuous Current: 0.4900
Energy Saver® - TEFC Severe Duty
from GE Motors

GE has been manufacturing premium efficient motors since the late 1970s. The latest Energy Saver design meets EISAct (Energy Independence & Security Act 2007) efficiency levels (which are based on NEMA Premium ® MG1 table 12-12). Other standards and certifications include CSA-Motors and... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz; 460/480V/60Hz; 575/600V/60Hz; International Voltages (optional feature)
  • Output Power: 1 to 250
  • Shaft Speed: 1200 to 3600
  • Shaft Orientation: In-line; Single-ended
Drop-In Upgrade Motor -- Eon™
from Genteq

The new Eon ™ motor is a drop-in upgrade for the original ECM 2.3 motor. The motor is commonly used in applications in residential HVAC furnaces and air handlers, commercial variable air volume systems and fan filter units. Eon is a lighter, more compact variable speed ECM that is backward... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages; 277 V
  • Shaft Speed: 200 to 1300
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Output Power: 0.3300 to 1
Hysteresis Motor -- Model 6100
from M.H. Rhodes/Cramer Company

Cramer's AC Hysteresis Motor is a shaded pole, synchronous-type that provides smooth, quiet performance and allows operation to a stall condition without damage or increase in temperature rise. External rear bearing provides stability, strength and allows for a double-ended output shaft that can be... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages; 24 VAC
  • Continuous Torque: 1.88
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • AC Construction: Synchronous
0IK1A AC Induction Gear Motor -- 0IK1A-A
from Sinotech

Insulation Resistance: 100M Ω at 500V between motor winding and shell. Insulation Voltage:1500V 50/60Hz @1min between motor winding and shell. Temperature Rise: Max 80oC. Insulation Class: Class B (130oC). Operating Temperature: -10oC to +40oC (Three phase -10oC to +50oC). Humidity: 85% max. [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; International Voltages
  • Shaft Speed: 50 to 1200
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Continuous Current: 0.1200
Grismir® Motor
from Thor Power Corporation

Our Permanent Magnet Alternating Current (PMAC) three-phase power device is slotless, sensorless with permanent magnet rotor, providing smooth variable speed over the complete rpm range from start-up to 30,000rpm, unlike the ratcheting trapezoidal step function of a Brushless Direct Current (BLDC). [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages; 400Hz / Aerospace
  • Shaft Speed: 30000
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • Output Power: 2
External Rotor Motor -- MK106 Series
from Ziehl-Abegg Inc.

Specification: Ziehl-Abegg external rotor motors combine the advantages of compact and space saving construction with the proven drive concept of a wear-free squirrel cage motor. 9 frame sizes are available in an output range of 0.1 to 7 kW and 2 constructional designs for flange or axis fastening. [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 208-230/240V 60Hz (optional feature); International Voltages (optional feature); 400 V
  • Continuous Current: 0.9000 to 2.7
  • Phase: Single-phase (optional feature); Three-phase (optional feature)
  • Continuous Torque: 19.47 to 239