Medical / Food (Sanitary / FDA) Leveling and Filling Compounds

Low Viscosity, One Part Non-Toxic Cyanoacrylate -- MB250NT
from Master Bond, Inc.

Low viscosity MB250NT is a single component ethyl cyanoacrylate that cures exceptionally fast at room temperature. This high strength, non-toxic system meets ISO 10993-5 standard for cytotoxicity. It is often used in high speed production of disposable medical devices and also has first rate... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace; Automotive; Electronics; Electric Power; Marine; Sanitary; OEM or Industrial
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Single Component; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Type / Form: Liquid
ArmorSeal® 5020 Resurfacer
from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

ArmorSeal ®5020 EPOXY FLOOR RESURFACER is a trowelable epoxy surfacing and leveling compound for new and old floors of concrete, wood, or steel where a high degree of chemical and abrasion resistance is required. The physical properties of ArmorSeal ®5020 are much higher than those of... [See More]

  • Industry: Electric Power; Marine; Sanitary; OEM or Industrial; Pharmaceutical Houses
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Epoxy
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Single Component
ENGAGE Polyolefin Elastomer -- ENGAGE™ 8003
from Dow Elastomers

When you need a modifier that will help to make your product tough and resilient while flexible at the same time, ENGAGE ™ Polyolefin Elastomers are the answer. ENGAGE ™ provides exceptional performance with an unmatched balance of properties. As one of the first polymers to use INSITE... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary; OEM or Industrial
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Chemical System: Elastomeric
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoplastic / Hot Melt; Two Component  
Loctite Hysol M-121HP 30680 Amber Medical Device Epoxy Adhesive - Amber - 50 ml Dual Cartridge -- 079340-30680 [30680 from Loctite UK]
from R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

Loctite Hysol 30680 amber M-121HP medical device epoxy adhesive is compatible with ceramic, glass, metal, pvc and thermoplastic materials. Provides a 2 hr working time. Works in a mix ratio of 2:1. Delivers great performance with tensile strength of 5910 psi. Minimum to maximum operating... [See More]

  • Industry: Sanitary
  • Features: Adhesive
  • Chemical System: Epoxy
  • Viscosity: 110000