Delta - Wye (Y) Power Transformers Datasheets

Glass AC Transformers
from RoMan Manufacturing, Inc.

Ideal for optimizing the melting, boosting, refining and forming of Fiberglass, Container glass, Float/Flat glass, LCD glass and Specialty glass. Smaller in size and lighter weight, our water-cooled transformers are used closer to the heat source (close-coupling). Increased Efficiency & Reduced... [See More]

  • Three Phase Configuration: Delta/Delta (optional feature); Delta/Wye (optional feature); Wye/Delta (optional feature)
  • Cooling Method: Water
  • Transformer Type: Three Phase Transformers (optional feature)
  • Single Phase Configuration: Single (optional feature); Dual (optional feature)
Universal Isolation Three Phase Transformer -- 6JM Series
from Abbott Technologies, Inc.

3 phase encapsiulated MIL-PRF-27 universal isolation [See More]

  • Three Phase Configuration: Delta/Delta; Delta/Wye
  • Mounting: Chassis
  • Transformer Type: Three Phase Transformers
  • Input Voltage: 120 to 480