Oil Filled Power Transformers Datasheets

High Frequency Output Transformer -- AL-T1000.5
from Amp-Line Corp.

High Frequency Transformer: Primary Voltage: 25 V rms., Secondary Voltage: 7000 V rms., Ouptut Power: 1000 watts; Frequency Range: 4K Hz - 12K Hz. Custom specifications can be achived upon request. [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Oil
  • Mounting: Stand Alone Unit/Metal Cabinet
  • Transformer Type: Electronics; High Voltage Transformer; Power Transformer; Single Phase Transformer
  • Input Voltage: 0.0 to 25
Large Distribution Transformers
from ABB Power Products/Power Systems

Range from 2,500 kVA up to 10,000 kVA. Large distribution transformers are used for receiving energy from higher voltage levels and to transform and distribute this energy to lower voltage substations or directly to large industrial consumers. Transformers in this range are three-phase and can be... [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Oil; Dimethyl Silicone, Esters and Synthetic Hydrocarbons
  • Mounting: Pad-Mounted; Pole Mounted
  • Transformer Type: Distribution Transformer; Power Transformer; Substation Transformer; Three Phase Transformers
  • Input Voltage: 36000
Oil Immersed Transformers
from Dynapower Corporation

Dynapower Company is pleased to offer our line of oil immersed transformers. Developed in the United States for our internal use as the heart of our larger rectifier products, these transformers are designed for long and reliable service life in rugged industrial applications. Custom electrical and... [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Oil
  • Output Voltage: 600 to 69000
  • Primary Frequency: 50 Hz; 60 Hz
  • Secondary Current Rating: 1.00E6 to 3.00E6
Envirotran Single-Phase Overhead Transformers
from Eaton Cooper Power Systems

Envirotran ™ transformers offer an environmentally responsible, high efficiency, safer choice. The units have high-fire-point fluid, providing fire safety benefits, and a projected life well beyond that of a traditional mineral-oil transformer. These efficient and cost-effective transformers... [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Oil
  • Mounting: Pole Mounted
  • Transformer Type: High Voltage Transformer; Power Transformer; Single Phase Transformer
  • Input Voltage: 19920
Current Transformers
from GE Digital Energy

Suitable for voltages ranging from 69 – 550kV and suitable for standard or high accuracy applications, XD|GE current transformers are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, delivering the reliability and measurement signals required by these devices. XD|GE current transformers... [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Oil
  • Input Voltage: 69000 to 550000
  • Transformer Type: Current Transformer
from GE Grid Solutions

Transformers. GE offers a wide range of transformer solutions for the utility, industrial, commercial, residential, and energy markets. These products & solutions feature flexible, reliable, and robust designs to support a wide range of applications. With units operating in some of the most... [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Air (optional feature); Oil (optional feature)
  • Mounting: Chassis (optional feature); Pad-Mounted (optional feature); Pole Mounted (optional feature)
  • Transformer Type: Autotransformer (optional feature); Encapsulated Coil Transformer (optional feature); Distribution Transformer (optional feature); High Voltage Transformer (optional feature); Power Transformer (optional feature); Rectifier Transformer (optional feature); Substation Transformer (optional feature)
from Schneider Electric

From medium voltage switchgear and arc resistant equipment to energy automation, we deliver specific solutions for data centers, commercial and industrial buildings, water/wastewater, healthcare, utilities, oil and gas, and mining, covering all power distribution needs for energy management. [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Air; Oil
  • Mounting: Chassis; Pad-Mounted
  • Transformer Type: Buck-Boost Transformers; Encapsulated Transformers; Industrial Control Transformer; Isolation; Power Transformer; Single Phase Transformer; Substation Transformer; Three Phase Transformers
  • Input Voltage: 230 to 69000
Oil Insulated Transformers
from Toshiba America, Inc.

Toshiba's Oil Insulated Transformer (OIT) is a highly durable and reliable power transformer for electric utilities, electrical transmission, and generation stations. Since pioneering its first transformer in 1894 Toshiba has expanded into a world leader in transformers with an installed base that... [See More]

  • Cooling Method: Oil
  • Mounting: Pad-Mounted
  • Transformer Type: Distribution Transformer
  • Power Rating (VA): 1.00E8 to 8.00E8