Tape Gaskets and Gasketing

Norseal Silicone Sponge Rubber -- R10480
from Budnick Converting, Inc.

Saint-Gobain NorSeal ® r10480M silicone sponge rubber is a low compression set closed-cell sponge that can be used in most gasketing applications. This material is flexible and compressible and designed for use in extreme temperature ranges, with excellent weatherability, compression set... [See More]

  • Gasket Type: Gasket Tape
  • Features: Adhesive Backed
  • Material: Silicone Rubber
Tadpole Gasket Insulation -- THERMOPAK®
from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

THERMOPAK ® Tadpole Tape is fabricated by combining a cover material with an inner core (bulb) material in a configuration most suitable for your application. By using a bulb and tail design, the tadpole tape ensures optimum sealing performance, and can be manufactured to address issues such as... [See More]

  • Gasket Type: Tadpole Gasket; Gasket Tape
  • Operating Temperature: 399 to 5000
  • Material: Silicone Rubber (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Neoprene, Inconel
Norseal® Gasketing Foam Tape -- FS1000
from Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

Saint-Gobain's Norseal FS1000 series is a high-performance foam tape designed with a unique combination of sealing properties: Expandable and fire resistant : When heated to more than 200 °C, FS1000 will expand and form a fire-resistant char, blocking fire, smoke and hot gases. Airtight :... [See More]

  • Gasket Type: Gasket Tape
  • Thickness: 0.2400 to 0.5100
  • Material: Foam
  • Features: Adhesive Backed
No Wire Tetraglas-T® 500 -- 1/16 x 40
from Darco Southern, Inc.

This is a fabric made from texturized fiberglass yarn which is coated and impregnated with a white rubber compound. This gasket material is used where rough or uneven flanges need a sealing material. For applications ranging from 300oF to 550oF. [See More]

  • Gasket Type: Gasket Tape
  • Gasket Dimensions: Thickness & Width: 1/16" x 40"
  • Material: Fiberglass Yarn
  • Width: 40
KOREL® Series Open Cell Gasketing Tapes
from Total Plastics, Inc.

KOREL ® Series micro-cellular polyurethane foam is engineered for high performance gasketing applications. Cellular Telephones. Electrical Enclosures. Electronic Gasketing. Vibration Dampening. Cushioning. Acoustical Control. Bumpers. Instrument Panels. Spacers [See More]

  • Gasket Type: Gasket Tape
  • Features: Adhesive Backed (optional feature)
  • Material: Polyurethane / Urethane