ESD Control / Anti-static Conformal Coatings Datasheets

Flexible, Electrically Conductive Two Component Epoxy -- EP79FL
from Master Bond, Inc.

EP79FL is a silver coated nickel filled polymer system that forms high strength bonds that are resistant to extreme cryogenic temperatures. It is electrically conductive and has a volume resistivity of <0.005 ohm-cm. As a silver coated nickel filled system, it is much more cost effective than... [See More]

  • Features: EMI/RFI Shielding; Flexible; Non-corrosive; Dissimilar Substrates; Anti-static, ESD
  • Chemical System: Epoxy
  • Type: Thermally Conductive; Electrically Conductive
  • Composition: Filled
Epoxy Conformal Coating -- ELC 2900
from Electro-Lite Corporation

ELC-2900 is a flexible conformal coating for PCB's and provides a flexible, reworkable finish for components and various substrates. [See More]

  • Features: Anti-static, ESD
  • Cure / Technology: UV or Radiation Cured
  • Chemical System: Epoxy
  • Form / Shape: Liquid