Claw Mechanical Vacuum Pumps and Systems Datasheets

Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps and Compressors -- Mink
from Busch LLC

Mink claw vacuum pumps have been developed especially for use in industrial applications where a constant vacuum, high suction capacity and totally oil-free compression are essential. Mink claw vacuum pumps operate contact-free; neither oil nor water are required during the compression process. The... [See More]

  • Technology: Claw
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 15.01 to 188
  • Pumping Speed: 35.28 to 706
  • Type: AC Single Phase; AC Three Phase (optional feature)
Chemical Dry Pump -- EDP160
from Edwards Vacuum

EDP pumps are based on Edwards' oil-free, non-contacting, award-winning, reverse claw mechanism. They provide consistent vacuum at high efficiencies and low costs of ownership. Dry pumps completely eliminate all problems of process contamination and creation of polluted effluent, which are... [See More]

  • Technology: Claw
  • Pumping Speed: 95.84 to 119
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 0.2000 to 0.4000
C-Series Claw Pressure-Vacuum Pumps
from Elmo Rietschle Gardner Denver Hanover, Inc.

Pressure-vacuum pumps C-KLR. Volume flow. 80 to 140 m ³hr. 47.1 to 82.4 cfm. High efficiency, dry and contact-free compression claw pressure vacuum pumps with capacities ranging from 80 to 140 m ³/hr (47.1 to 82.4 cfm). Vacuum up to - 0.6 bar and pressure up to + 1.0 bar. Low maintenance,... [See More]

  • Technology: Claw; Compression / Pressure Service
  • Pumping Speed: 47.1 to 82.4
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pumps & Systems
from Gardner Denver, Inc.

Vacuum Pumps & Systems. Visit Industrials Group - Vacuum Pumps. Gardner Denver is a leading global provider of high quality industrial equipment, technologies and services. Our engineering expertise, coupled with worldwide manufacturing and service capabilities, ensure the most reliable, energy... [See More]

  • Technology: Claw; Diaphragm; Liquid Ring; Regenerative Blower; Rotary Vane; Rotary Screw; Compression / Pressure Service (optional feature)
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump (optional feature); Vacuum Pump System or Station (optional feature)
Claw Vacuum Pumps
from Gast Group

Claw pumps contain contactless rotors that are synchronized by gears without any lubricant present. This provides them the benefit of avoiding any residue generated by friction or rubbing during rotation. The lack of friction between the rotors also leads to lower maintenance and long lasting... [See More]

  • Technology: Claw; Compression / Pressure Service
  • Ultimate Vacuum: 112 to 150
  • Configuration: Individual Vacuum Pump
  • Application: Industrial