Machine Bolt Bolts

Machine Screws -- Inch Series
from Bayou City Bolt & Supply Co., Inc.

The term Machine Screw typically refers to small diameter, general purpose screws. Machine Screw diameters range from #0 (1/64") up to #14 (1/4"). Machine screws are threaded to be used in a tapped hole, or with a nut to join two mating surfaces. [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Machine Bolt
  • Fastener Standards: ASME/ANSI
Custom Screws and Bolts
from National Bolt & Nut Corporation

Serving a wide array of industries from marine and mining to construction and electronics, our custom fasteners can be used for a broad variety of applications, including boilers, bridges, hydraulics, and machine tools. Offering the capability to work with a large number of materials up to four... [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Anchor Bolt; Carriage Bolt; Elevator Bolt; Flange Bolt; Hexagon Bolt; Lag Bolt; Machine Bolt; Plow Bolt; Shoulder Bolt; Square Head Bolt; T-Head Bolt; U-Bolt; Tamperproof (optional feature); Bent (Hook, J), Countersunk, T-Slot
  • Finish: Black Oxide; Chrome; Phosphate; Galvanized; Nickel Plated; Silver; Zinc Plated; Zinc Chromate; Finishes: Brass, Cadmium, Chromate, Color, Painted, Polished, PTFE
  • Material: Aluminum; Bronze; Brass; Superalloy; Molybdenum; Steel; Hardened Steel; Stainless Steel; Titanium; Exotic Metals; Plastic; Nylon
  • Fastener Standards: ASME/ANSI; DIN; ISO; UTS
Gripper Swivel Contact Bolts
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Threaded contact bolt with a built-in swivel ball to hold a Round Gripper. This swivel ball, held by a retaining ring, is removable to allow installing any of the six different gripper types (order gripper separately). A fastening screw is furnished wi [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Hexagon Bolt; Machine Bolt
  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 0.5000 to 2
  • Finish: Black Oxide
Chandler Products -- Self-Locking Place Bolts
from Elgin Fastener Group

Self-Locking Place Bolts. Self-Locking Place Bolts can solve the problem of bolt loosening due to vibration or cyclical stresses without extra components such as lock washers or lock nuts. Bolting material becomes elastic under stress, and elastic deformation is the key to the holding force of Place... [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Hexagon Bolt; Machine Bolt
  • Other Size Specs: 3/16" to 3/4"
  • Length: ? to 9
  • Material: Steel
Pre-Applied Adhesive Fasteners -- Dri-Loc®
from Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation

Dri-Loc ® adhesives (from Loctite Corporation), applied to threaded parts, form a unique coating that converts ordinary fasteners into self-locking fasteners. Dry to the touch, Dri-Loc adhesives become an integral part of the fastener and stay inert until parts are used. During the assembly... [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Carriage Bolt; Hexagon Bolt; Machine Bolt
1/2-13 x 1-1/2" 307A Hex Machine Bolt, Zinc -- BG2HMB04001413Z
from NBS Corp.

Featuring a hexagonal head and available in either grade 2, all NBS hex machine bolts meet IFI specifications and are sourced exclusively from ISO/TS-16949 accredited manufacturers. Available from ¼ ” to ¾ ” diameter, all hex machine bolts come with zinc finish. [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Machine Bolt
  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 1.5
  • Finish: Zinc Plated
Expansion Bolts for Blind Hole Applications
from Nord-Lock, Inc.

Superbolt Expansion bolts for blind holes are radially pretensionable fitted bolts. As stud in tapped bore they replace fitted bolts, which are difficult to install and remove. The Expansion bolt for blind hole can be tensioned axially. Due to the radial pre-load, the joint experiences can increase... [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Machine Bolt; Expansion Bolt
100DG - MS -- 2-56 X 3/16

Custom sizes and other finishes available, 100 deg flat head angle [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Machine Bolt
  • Material: Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature); Low Carbon Steel
  • Length: 0.1875
  • Finish: Zinc Plated (optional feature); Zinc Black
Tension Indicating Bolts -- SmartBolts®
from Stress Indicators Inc.

SmartBolts ® Direct Tension Indicating (DTI) Fasteners. DTI SmartBolts ® from Stress Indicators, Inc. indicate whether a bolted joint is loose or tight with a clear visible indicator that gradually darkens from bright red when loose to near black as the fastener is tightened. SmartBolts... [See More]

  • Bolt Type: Machine Bolt; Structural Bolt