Pressure Vessels Information

Pressure vessels are boilers and storage tanks that contain liquids or gases and are designed to operate at pressures above 15 psig. High pressure vessels function under greater than normal amounts of pressure without compromising seals or bursting. Stainless steel pressure vessels are used as storage, mixing, jacketed and reactor tanks in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical production, and other sanitary applications. Some pressure vessels control the temperature of their contents and are monitored by a series of gauges on the outside of the tank. Others are designed to store volatile substances at high temperatures. 

Maintenance and Inspection

Pressure vessels are must be adequately maintained and inspected. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) rates pressure vessels for safety and standardized usage. ASME pressure vessels are inspected for conformance to industry-wide standards of strength, including higher quality O-ring seals and vacuum closures. Pressure vessel inspection involves ensuring that the pressure vessel is free from ruptured seams or seals and cracks. In some instances, pressure vessel inspection requires dismantling the tank; however, a simple visual inspection or other non-destructive test (NDT) may be adequate to ensure the vessel’s integrity.


Suppliers of pressure vessels are located across the United States and around the world. They differ in terms of certifications, approvals, and industries served. Pressure vessel manufacturers design new tanks using variety of criteria, including the selection of materials to withstand shock, vibration, corrosion, temperature changes, and other environmental conditions. Pressure vessel design must also take into consideration that the materials used to build the vessel are compatible with the materials to be stored in the tank. Often, a pressure vessel manufacturer will adhere to application-specific specifications for the construction of a high pressure vessel or a stainless steel pressure vessel. Pressure vessels that feature custom pressure vessel designs or require NDT pressure vessel inspections are also available.

Engineering Calculators Related to Pressure Vessels