Structural Oxide Ceramics Datasheets

Structural Grade Refractory -- H-91
from Rath Incorporated

SINDANYO ® H-91 is an asbestos free cement board manufactured from alumina and Portland cements, high temperature fillers and binders and has the additional benefit of dispersible glass fibers as reinforcing agents. The material exhibits excellent strength even at high temperatures up to 700... [See More]

  • Applications: Refractory or High Temperature Insulation; Thermal Insulation or Fire Proofing Material; Foundry / Metal Processing; Abrasives, ceramics or glass manufacturing; Chemical or material processing; Structural
  • Shape / Form: Plate / Board
  • Oxide Type: Alumina; Other Material (Ceramic, Glass, Piezoelectric, Refractory); Portland Cement
  • Thickness: 0.2000 to 2.95