Specialty / Other Industrial Adhesives Datasheets

Fluon® Perfluoro Adhesive -- EA-2000
from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

Fluon ® PFA EA-2000, is an Perfluoro resin which has been functionalized to include an adhesive group within the polymer backbone. The perfluoro backbone gives the material excellent electrical characteristics, and heat and chemical resistance, while the adhesive functionality facilitates... [See More]

  • Chemical System: PFA
  • Features: Laminaes
  • Type / Form: Pellets
  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass; Metal; Plastic; Glass Cloth, Polyimide, Various Metals
2000 Molecular Weight Polyether Diol Based on Propylene Oxide with Ethylene Oxide Capping -- VORANOL™ 222-056
from Dow Polyurethanes

Dow provides a wide variety of VORANOL* polyether polyols. with an extensive selection of performance and processing attrib-. utes. Designed to meet your needs, this large family of polyols. is sure to provide the balance of properties needed within rigid. and molded foam and isocyanate product... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Polyether Polyol; Polyurethane
  • Type / Form: Gel
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Two Component  
  • Features: Sealant; Water Based 
Ablestik ABLELUX LA-1UV -- 8799473631233
from Henkel Corporation - Electronics

Single component, photocurable adhesive is designed for bonding camera module assemblies. [See More]

  • Chemical System: Hybrid Chemistry
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Cure / Technology: UV or Radiation Cured; Single Component
  • Viscosity: 7000
One Component, Electrically Conductive Coating System -- MB600G
from Master Bond, Inc.

Ideal for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding applications, MB600G is an aqueous based, sodium silicate system with a graphite filler. Electrically conductive, graphite filled materials are widely used for shielding and static dissipation applications... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Sodium Silicate System
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Single Component; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
  • Composition: Filled
  • Features: Electrically Conductive; EMI/RFI Shielding; Non-corrosive; Thermally Conductive; Water Based ; Anti-static, ESD
Industrial-Strength Vinyl Cement -- PTY105
from New Pig Corporation

Ideal for general patching use as well as connecting PIG Build-A-Berm Barrier sections. Durable, liquidproof bonding for most vinyl-coated and vinyl-laminated fabrics. Resistant to extreme temperature and weather [See More]

  • Chemical System: Methyl Ethyl Ketone - 46%; Acetone - 21.5%; Toluene - 19%; Balance - Other Non-Hazardous Trade Secret Ingredients
  • Use Temperature: -30 to 180
Gypsum Cement -- Hydrocal® B-11
from Pittsburgh Corning (FOAMGLAS® insulation)

A reactive gypsum product that is mixed with water to form an inorganic non-combustible adhesive or coating for fabricating, bore coating, or forming HT reinforced FOAMGLAS ® insulation shapes. U.S. Stock Item. Available in standard 100 pound bags. Hydrocal ® is a registered trademark of... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Gypsum
  • Industry: Insulation Systems
  • Features: Sealant; Water Based 
  • Use Temperature: -450 to 482
3M™ Scotch-Weld™ LD Composite Surfacing Films -- AF 325
from 3M Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Division

3M ™ Scotch-Weld ™ Low Density Composite Surfacing Films AF 325 is a thermosetting, laminated metal foil film that adheres to cold and release coated tools. Excellent for surfacing composites. Provides a smooth void-free surface. Co-cure compatible with most epoxy composites. Compatible... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Phenol Aldehyde Epoxy Resin
  • Type / Form: Sheet or Film
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Single Component
  • Substrate Compatibility: Composites
Conap™ Tooling Resins and Elastomers -- CONAP® UC-23
from ACCRAbond, Inc.

CONAP ® UC-23 is a two-component modified urethane system that produces a tough, highly impact resistant elastoplastic. This liquid urethane casting system has excellent handling characteristics and will cure at room or elevated temperatures. [See More]

  • Chemical System: Urethane
  • Features: Laminaes
  • Cure / Technology: Two Component  
Acoustical wall fabric adhesive -- SDAD5
from Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

Acoustical wall fabric adhesive is a heavy duty clay based adhesive. This is an ideal adhesive for use with our CrossPoint Acoustical Wall Fabric. The adhesive is sold in five gallon buckets, which will cover 750 square feet. The adhesive can be rolled, painted or trowelled onto surfaces. [See More]

  • Chemical System: Clay Based
  • Features: Flexible
  • Cure / Technology: Single Component
  • Substrate Compatibility: Paper or Paperboard; Textiles or Fabrics; Dissimilar Substrates
Heavy Duty Adhesive -- C8190
from Aervoe Industries Incorporated

Objects are repositionable, conical mist spray pattern, fast drying [See More]

  • Chemical System: Acetone, Heptane
  • Features: Solvent Based
  • Cure / Technology: Air Setting / Film Drying; Single Component
  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass; Metal; Paper or Paperboard; Plastic; Porous Surfaces; Wood; Leather
409™ Super Bonder® Instant Adhesive -- 40904 [40904 from Henkel Corporation - Industrial]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

3 g Tube; Clear; Full Cure in 24 h; 180 ┬░F Maximum Temperature [See More]

  • Chemical System: Thixotrpic
  • Type / Form: Gel
  • Cure / Technology: Single Component
  • Substrate Compatibility: Metal; Plastic; Rubber or Elastomer; General Purpose Ethyl
Crystalbond™ -- 509
from Aremco Products, Inc.

Odorless, non-flammable, biodegradable water-risible solvent [See More]

  • Chemical System: Proprietary
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoplastic / Hot Melt
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Substrate Compatibility: Ceramic, Glass; Metal
AFFINITY GA Polyolefin Plastomers -- AFFINITY™ GA 1900
from Dow Elastomers

When it comes to packaging and molded products, customers demand high performance goods, while you need cost effective and easy to process components. AFFINITY ™ Polyolefin Plastomers can help you address this need. AFFINITY offers excellent adhesion at high and low temperatures, outstanding... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Elastomeric; Polyolefin
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoplastic / Hot Melt; Two Component  
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Type / Form: Pellets
Adjustable Flexibility Epoxy -- 10-3055
from Epoxies Etc...

10-3055 is a filled epoxy adhesive system that allows the end user to adjust the flexibility of the cured adhesive. By simply varying the amount of hardener, the durometer can be adjusted from rigid to flexible. [See More]

  • Chemical System: Adjustable Flexibility Epoxy; Epoxy
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Two Component  ; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
  • Composition: Filled
  • Type / Form: Liquid
Cylinlock® -- 822
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

Cylinlock ® Retaining Compounds are highly engineered, 100% active, high strength anaerobic liquids that cure to a. tough plastic when air is excluded. The plastic shim formed when Cylinlock ® cures fills the voids present in even the. best shrink or press fits. These compounds also find... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Dimethacrylate Ester; Acrylic
  • Cure / Technology: Anaerobic; Thermoset; Single Component; Room Temperature Vulcanizing or Curing
  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Type / Form: Liquid
404 Quick Set Instant Adhesive -- 00Z1831 [46548 from Henkel Corporation - Industrial]
from Newark / element14

404 Quick Set Instant Adhesive; Adhesive Type:Cyanoacrylate; Adhesive Applications:Bonding / General Purpose; Color:Transparent; Dispensing Method:Bottle; Series:404; Volume:4fl.oz. (US) [See More]

  • Chemical System: Cyanoacrylate
Clear UV Adhesive -- ANA-97773
from Protavic America, Inc.

ANA-97773 is a very fast curing adhesive that is fully cured and at its ultimate hardness in seconds. Other similar UV materials continue to harden for several minutes causing continued shrinkage and movement. Bond lines are clear, colorless and exhibit low shrinkage during the curing process. [See More]

  • Composition: Unfilled
  • Type / Form: Liquid
  • Cure / Technology: Thermoset; Two Component  ; UV or Radiation Cured
  • Features: Electrically Conductive; Thermal Insulation
Franklin 720 Contract Grade Multi-Purpose Adhesive -- 9204
from Titebond

Franklin 720 is an environmentally safe, latex flooring adhesive with fast tack and lower permanent bond strength. It may be used with conventional carpets, tiles and resilient sheet goods over standard construction surfaces. This product is designed for carpet installations, which are scheduled for... [See More]

  • Chemical System: Latex
3M™ Scotch-Weld High Performance Adhesive 1357
from Total Plastics, Inc.

Neutral. A neoprene, high performance contact adhesive. 5 gallon pail. Provides a long bonding range. Excellent initial strength. Available Sizes. 5 gallon pail [See More]

  • Chemical System: Neoprene
  • Type / Form: Liquid