3/8-24 Ball and Spring Plungers

Ball Plungers -- BP6-786
from Pivot Point, Inc.

Non-threaded Ball Plunger design push-fits into hole. Spring loaded ball detent forms a bearing surface which retracts and then snaps into opposing hole or groove. Push fit Ball Plungers are used for locating or positioning in drawers, doors, dies and other fixtures. Also known as Ball Detents,... [See More]

  • Thread Size: 3/8-16; 3/8-24
  • Non-threaded: 0.3750
  • Plunger Type: Ball Plunger
  • Stroke: 0.7860
Knob Hanlde Retractable Plunger
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

Precision indexing plunger with a attractive knob handle for convenient retraction. Threaded-body version provides adjustment and can be secured with an optional Jam Nut. High strength and durability in an extremely compact assembly. Hardened and ground plunger. Tip has a slight taper for easy... [See More]

  • Thread Size: 3/8-24; 1/2-13; 5/8-11
  • Body: Steel
  • Plunger Type: Knob Handle Plunger (Locking, Retractable)
  • Ball / Plunger: Steel