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Hose reelHose reels are used to wind, unwind, and store lengths of hose that are designed to transport gases and liquids for industrial applications. Hose reels are made of steel, stainless steel, plastic, or wood. Most products have ports for maintaining fluid flow during rewinding. There are several basic types of hose reels. Collapsible devices can be disassembled for compact storage or shipment. Portable hose reels are designed to be moved by hand, typically with a handle. Live connection reels are outfitted with special hardware that allows the media to continue to flow while the hose is still on the reel. Storage reels are designed to hold continuous items such as cable, hose, paper, or rope for relatively long periods of time. Complete hose and reel assemblies consist of a reel, hose, and integral hardware such as a nozzle.


Hose reels differ in terms of product specifications and rewind methods. Product specifications include:

  • flange diameter
  • core diameter
  • inside traverse
  • hose inside diameter (ID)
  • hose outside diameter (OD)
  • hose length

Units of measure include inches, feet, yards, mils, miles, meters, centimeters, millimeters, and kilometers. There are several rewind methods for hose reels. Manual devices require the use of a hand crank. Products that use an electric motor, hydraulic motor, pneumatic motor, or internal spring are also available. Electric motors are specified according to shaft speed, terminal voltage, continuous current, continuous torque, and continuous output power. Hydraulic motors are rated in terms of operating torque, operating pressure, operating speed, operating temperature, power, maximum fluid flow, maximum fluid viscosity, and displacement per revolution. Air motors are specified by torque, maximum air pressure, air consumption, rated free speed, and operating noise level.


Hose reels can be used to wind, unwind, and store many different types of industrial hose. Reinforced hose is designed for heavy-duty applications and includes hose styles such as textile braid, wire braid, wire helix, and many other designs in multi-ply or multi-layer configurations. Coiled industrial hose is flexible, elastic, and relatively easy to store. Corrugated hose contains corrugations, pleats, or spiral convolutions to increase flexibility and capacity for compression and elongation. Articulated industrial hose is made of rigid hose sections that are constructed with "joints" that can be swiveled, positioned, or articulated. Multi-element hose consists of multiple hoses that are formed or adhered together in a flat, ribbon, or bundled configuration. Hose reels that are designed for pneumatic hoses and hydraulic hoses are also available.

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