DC Current Sensor Transmitters Datasheets

600T Series Transmitter, Loop-Powered, Dual Channel DC Current Input -- 652T-0500
from Acromag, Inc.

4 to 20mA DC input. 4 to 20mA DC output. 12-50V DC power from output loop. Low cost isolator. These units receive 4-20mA process current inputs and provide isolated 4-20mA output signals. Each channel operates independently and is isolated from the others to prevent interaction between channels. For... [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output
  • Differential Channels: Yes
  • Analog Channels: 2
  • Form Factor: Rack Mount (optional feature); DIN Rail
Pulse Transmitter -- Series 320
from Badger Meter

The Model 320 from Badger Meter is a compact, programmable transmitter designed to accept relatively fast unscaled raw pulses from devices like flow sensors, and then output slow-scaled pulses of programmable width, pulse resolution and units of measure. In addition to our standard flow sensors, the... [See More]

  • Analog Input: 12-40 V; 30 mA; 12-28 Vrms; 85 mA
DSCL20 Loop Powered Isolator, "Component Module"
from Dataforth Corporation

Each DSCL20 loop powered isolator provides a single channel of analog signal protection by electrically isolating its input from output for any DC process signal in the range of 0-20mA (or 4-20mA). The DSCL20 operates passively, obtaining its power from t [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output
  • Analog Input: 0-20mA
  • Form Factor: PC Board (optional feature); Panel / Chassis Mount (optional feature); DIN Rail (optional feature)
  • Excitation & Features: Amplifier
2-Wire Isolated Transmitter, Universal Input, 4-20mA Output -- TM-2DLI
from Define Instruments

This versatile 2-wire transmitter accepts a range of standard input types, and outputs a 4-20mA loop. USB programming is hassle free, and takes less than a minute using Define ToolBox. 2-wire universal transmitter (DIN-mount, isolated). Current, voltage, thermocouple, RTD and potentiometer input. [See More]

  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • Analog Input: 100mV to ±10V; 1µA–24mA
  • Inputs: Thermocouple Input; Thermistor Input; RTD Input
  • Excitation & Features: Voltage
SANTEST Compact Series Displacement and Level Measurement Controller -- GYMSC
from Exsenco, LLC

SANTEST's GYMS probe/GYMSC controller is a compact, low-cost type series adopting newly developed signal detecting method. GYMS probe has interchangeability in mechanical dimension with GYMT series, also protection graded up to IP67. Optional connector cable out variety presents more flexible... [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output; Analog Voltage Output
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • Analog Channels: 1
  • Inputs: Displacement & Level Measurement Probe
16-Channel Analog Multiplexer -- DRA-RTM-8
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The DRA-RTM-8 is a 16 channel analog multiplexer. Eight channels accept 3-wire 100 Ohm Pt RTD inputs, and the other eight channels accept 4-20 mA process inputs. All 16 inputs are multiplexed into a single 4-20 mA current loop output. The selection function is performed via four binary control lines... [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • Analog Channels: 16
  • Inputs: RTD Input
2-wire Transmitter Isolator -- 3186
from PR electronics

Application. 1:1 output loop powered isolator of 2-wire transmitter 4...20 mA signals. 3186 is an easy mounting DIN rail unit. A very competitive choice in terms of both price and technology for galvanic isolation of 2-wire transmitter signals. Provides surge suppression and protects control systems... [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output
  • Analog Input: 3.5...23 mA
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • Agency Approval: UL 61010-1
Modular 600 Multi-Channel Signal Conditioning System
from RDP Electrosense

Signal conditioning is required where the output of a transducer needs to be boosted or changed into a form suitable for the monitor or logging device which will be used. A very wide range of gain adjustment ensures that our amplifiers are compatible with the vast majority of LVDT and strain gauge... [See More]

  • Outputs: TTL (optional feature); Analog Current Output (optional feature); Analog Voltage Output (optional feature); Relay Output (optional feature)
  • Differential Channels: Yes
  • Analog Channels: 12
  • Form Factor: Modular Bay or Slot System; Stand-alone
Galvanic Isolator -- ISO420
from Sitron

The ISO420 acts as a standard isolator for transmitters with 4 … 20mA input signal and 4 …20mA passively isolated output signal. The unique electromagnetic insulation and high efficiency circuit against signal leakage, provides excellent accuracy and stability in signal insulation. [See More]

  • Analog Channels: 2
  • Analog Input: 4...20mA
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • Operating Temperature: -13 to 160
Loop Booster -- SEM1020
from Status Instruments, Inc.

The SEM1000 series of loop powered analogue signal isolators comprises versions that are suitable for most applications, regardless of whether the loop power is available at the input or output side of the isolator. There. is also a loop 'splitter' which produces two completely isolated outputs from... [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • Analog Channels: 0
  • Analog Input: 4-20mA
Load Cell Summing Transmitter -- DCM 4800
from Cooper Instruments & Systems

The model DCM 4800 is an AC or DC powered summing transmitter for up to four load cells with output options of 0-20 mA, 4 to 20 mA or 0-10 Vdc. All input/output options are included on the board so there is no need to specify input/ouput parameters with the DCM 4800. The DCM 4800 has a built in... [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output (optional feature); Analog Voltage Output (optional feature)
  • Form Factor: Panel / Chassis Mount
  • Analog Channels: 1
  • Inputs: Bridge Input; Relay / Switch Input
High Accuracy Isolated Signal Transmitter -- VariTrans® P 15000
from Knick USA

The VariTrans ® P 15000 isolation amplifier from Knick features excellent transmission quality combined with the calibrated standard signal switching using DIP switches and a broad-range power supply. At just 12.5 mm wide, the modular housing with pluggable screw terminals allows simple and fast... [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output; Analog Voltage Output
  • Analog Input: 0 - 10V; 0 - 20mA, 4 - 20mA; 0 - 10V; 0 - 20mA, 4 - 20mA
  • Form Factor: Modular Bay or Slot System; DIN Rail
  • User Interface: None
DIN Rail Mount Signal Conditioner -- DRG-SC-DC-B
from Omegadyne, Inc.

The DRG Series signal conditioner modules accept a wide variety of input signals such as thermocouples, RTDs, strain gages, DC voltages/currents, AC voltages/currents, frequency and potentiometers and produce a proportional conditioned process output. The inputs and outputs are both field... [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output; Analog Voltage Output
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • Analog Channels: 1
  • Analog Input: 10 mV to 100 V; 1 mA to 100 mA
FTC/FTV Signal Converter -- Model 4026

Very versatile with field selectable inputs and outputs [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Current Output; Analog Voltage Output
  • Analog Input: 9, 11 or 36 VDC; 15mA
  • Form Factor: Stand-alone
  • User Interface: None
LVDT / RVDT Signal Conditioner -- LVC-4000
from TE Connectivity – Sensors

Push-button calibration offers intuitive operation as compared to signal conditioners with span and offset trim pots. Fault conditions, such as a wire break on LVDT/RVDT connections, are indicated by blinking LEDs, fault condition error output, and Error Flag Open Collector signal (see manual for... [See More]

  • Outputs: Analog Voltage Output
  • Inputs: LVDT
  • Form Factor: DIN Rail
  • Analog Input: 9-30 V; 90 mA Max. @ 24V