Burn-off / Thermal Systems Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems

Micro-Precision Steam Cleaner -- 4545-04A
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Ideal for removing grease, oil, flux, adhesive, fingerprints. Safe, clean design generates super-heated steam on-demand, without high-pressure steam storage. Portable design makes this system ideal for point-of-use applications. Auto shut-off feature safeguards heater. The Micro-Precision Steam... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Pressure Spray Washer; Burn-off or Thermal System; Aqueous Cleaning System; Heated Cleaning Solution; (CompleteSystem)
  • Temperature: 250
  • Components: Heater; Pump
  • Pressure: 180
Plasma-Preen Cleaner/Etcher -- 9505-03
from Terra Universal, Inc.

First-of-its-kind design uses microwave oven to generate plasma cleaning medium. Safely removes organic and many inorganic contaminants from a wide range of components and substrates. Maintains low processing temperatures (25 ­-200 °C controllable). Produces higher plasma power and densities... [See More]

  • Machine Type: Burn-off or Thermal System; Solvent or Solvent Vapor Cleaning System; Plasma; (CompleteSystem)
  • Frequency: 2.45E6
  • Components: Cabinet or Tunnel Enclosure; Heater; Plasma Preen
  • Temperature: 392