Dunnage / Pallet Cleaning Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems

Typhoon MB-D Dunnage Conveyor Washer -- MB-D 18×48
from Proceco Ltd.

The Typhoon ® MB-D washer is designed to automatically clean and dry a variety of types and sizes of reusable plastic dunnage, trays and pallets in a continuous process. A hot aqueous cleaning solution is sprayed on all dunnage surfaces to remove machining oils, coolants, metal chips, transport... [See More]

  • Operation: Cleaning or Surface Preparation; Degreasing; Dunnage
  • Components: Cabinet or Tunnel Enclosure; Filtration System or Oil Separator (optional feature); Wash Tank or Sump Tub; Heater; Pump; Choice Of Options
  • Machine Type: Pressure Spray Washer; Aqueous Cleaning System; Heated Cleaning Solution; Adjustable Width; (CompleteSystem); (Component) (optional feature)
  • Temperature: 140
Custom Parts Washers
from Cleaning Technologies Group

All of our standard platform washers can be customized to handle any size part and integrate with any layout. Additionally we have the Engineering expertise to provide fully custom design cleaning solutions should one of our platform machines not suit your requirements. Custom Washer Examples:... [See More]

  • Operation: Cleaning or Surface Preparation; Degreasing; Descaling or Stripping; Dunnage
  • Source: Electric
  • Machine Type: Pressure Spray Washer; Ultrasonic Cleaner; Aqueous Cleaning System; (CompleteSystem)
  • Part Loading: RotaryTable; Tumbler, Barrel or Tumble Belt; FrontLoad; TopLoad (optional feature); Conveyor