Specialty Alloy Nonferrous Metals and Alloys

Alloys Liquid -- Indalloy®
from Indium Corporation

Fusible alloys are materials that melt at less then 300 °F, well below the melting point of tin-lead eutectic solders and SAC alloys. Bismuth is the major component of many of these alloys and infl uences the melting point, as well as gives these materials the unique characteristic of expansion... [See More]

  • Nonferrous: Miscellaneous Nonferrous Metal or Alloy
  • Specialty / Other Types: Alloy; Specialty; Liquid
Magnectic Shielding Round Bar Stock - MuMETAL® -- MUBAR-1260
from Magnetic Shield Corporation

MuMETAL ® Round Bar is primarily used for machined or forged components like current sensors, high precision current transformer cores, ground fault circuit breaker (relay parts), or any other application requiring high permeability soft magnetic alloy, with a low coercive field and low losses,... [See More]

  • Nonferrous: Nickel
  • Shape / Form: Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes; Bar Stock; Round Bar or Rod Stock
  • Specialty / Other Types: Soft Magnetic Alloy; Specialty; MuMETAL®
  • Width / OD: 1.26
Casting Alloys
from MarShield

Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division supplies casting alloys in bar and ingot form, including leaded, lead free and silver bearing. We carry over 25 standard casting alloys in various types. We are happy to provide you with any custom alloy requirements and will set up a stock and release... [See More]

  • Nonferrous: LowMelting; Lead
  • Specifications: ICI, ASTM, or Other Casting Grade
  • Specialty / Other Types: Specialty
  • Shape / Form: Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes; Bar Stock; Ingot or Billet
98.5% Minimum Silicon Metal -- SI98POWE
from Belmont Metals, Inc.

Powdered Metals. Featuring Holtite Alsil Grit, Iron Powder, High Grade Zinc, Tin, and Copper-Aluminum Applications. Belmont Metals offers a vast amount of non-ferrous metals in Powder form as a pure metal instead of an alloy of various elements. A powder is a dry, bulk solid composed of a large... [See More]

  • Specialty / Other Types: Specialty; Silicon
  • Applications: Welding, Sintered Components, Additive Manufacturing, and Surface Coating
  • Shape / Form: Powder, Granule or Flake
Mold Base Alloy -- Kirksite
from Eastern Alloys, Inc.

Eastern Alloys manufactures mold-base alloys, also known as Kirksite alloys. Kirksite is a moderate strength zinc-base alloy that was developed primarily as a forming tool alloy. Dies cast from Kirksite provide low-cost tooling because the alloy can be accurately cast, requiring a minimum of... [See More]

  • Nonferrous: Zinc
  • Features: Continuous, Centrifugal or Other Casting Process; Die / Cold Work
  • Specialty / Other Types: Alloy; Specialty; Mold, Die and Tooling Alloy
RHODIUM 99.99+%
from GFS Chemicals, Inc.

ITEM#:5066. Rh. CAS#:7440-16-6. F.W.:102.91. NFPA#: Specific Gravity: DOT:4.1/III. Descriptions: Specification. TEST. 1. Assay (metals basis) 99.99+% min. Properties. No properties. [See More]

  • Nonferrous: PreciousNoble
  • Shape / Form: Powder, Granule or Flake
  • Specialty / Other Types: Specialty; RHODIUM 99.99+% 100 MG
Gold Plated Monel Wire
from Luma-Metall AB

Round monel wire is supplied as gold plated with a nickel strike. This material is not redrawn at Luma Metall. You are welcome to send your own material to us for plating, or let us arrange material for plating. The thickness of the gold coating will be made as per your requirements. Luma gold... [See More]

  • Nonferrous: Nickel; Miscellaneous Nonferrous Metal or Alloy
  • Shape / Form: Wire
  • Specialty / Other Types: Specialty; Monel
  • Width / OD: 0.0020 to 0.0118
Cobalite® Pre-alloyed Powder
from Umicore Materials

Umicore offers four Cobalite ® Pre-alloyed Powders for the diamond tools industry: Cobalite 601: Co10 Cu20 Fe70. Cobalite HDR: Co27 Cu7 Fe66. Cobalite OLS: Co25 Cu47 Fe28. Cobalite CNF: Cu26 Fe68,4 Sn3 W2 Y2O30,6. These pre-alloyed powders contain little or no cobalt, thus offering cost... [See More]

  • Nonferrous: Refractory / Reactive; Cobalt
  • Shape / Form: Powder, Granule or Flake
  • Specialty / Other Types: Specialty; Pre-Alloyed Powder
  • Applications: Diamond Tool and Hard Metals Industries