Brass Industrial Pins

Special Solid Pins - Inch

One of the advantages of partnering with SPIROL early in the design stage is that if one of our 30,000 standard items doesn ’t meet your specific application requirements, the solution is often a simple derivation of our standard design. Regardless of the complexity, SPIROL ’s Engineers... [See More]

  • Material: Aluminum; Brass; Stainless; HardenedSteel; UnhardenedSteel
  • Bulk/Assorted Package: Bulk
  • Pin Type: Custom Pins
  • Design Units: English
Pins for Continuous Hinges -- BR120PIN
from H.A. Guden Co., Inc.

Pins for our continuous hinges are available in 72 inch and 84 inch lengths in steel stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Pins can be supplied cut to length and to military standards. [See More]

  • Material: Brass
  • Design Units: English
  • Pin Type: Hitch
  • Nominal Diameter: 0.1200
0914 Spring-Loaded Pin inch Series -- 0914-0-15-20-77-14-11-0
from Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.

For over 40 years, Mill-Max has been manufacturing and designing high reliability precision-machined interconnect components, and is a recognized global leader in both industry standard and application specific interconnects. Our US based manufacturing is housed entirely in one location ensuring... [See More]

  • Material: Brass
  • Design Units: English
  • Pin Type: CoiledSpring
  • Nominal Diameter: 0.0420
Clevis Pins
from G.L. Huyett

Solid pin with standard flat head that secures with a wire formed pin through a hole drilled in the opposite end. Clevis pins are used as a quick and secure fastener in place of bolts and rivets. [See More]

  • Material: Brass; Stainless; Carbon Steel
  • Design Units: English; Metric
  • Pin Type: Clevis
  • Nominal Diameter: 0.1860 to 2
Cotter Pins
from G.L. Huyett

Cotter pins are wire formed fasteners used externally in holed applications; they have been around for centuries. These low-cost and highly versatile fasteners are used virtually everywhere. Cotter pins can be installed quickly and with no special tools. Designed to be self-locking, cotter pins... [See More]

  • Material: Aluminum; Brass; Stainless; Monel. MB Spring Wire, Carbon Steel
  • Design Units: English; Metric
  • Pin Type: Cotter Pin, Extended / Hammerlock
  • Nominal Diameter: 0.0310 to 0.6250