115 / 120V 60 Hz Gearmotors Datasheets

AC Gear Motors -- GC24003
from Baldor Electric Company

Baldor AC Gearmotors are available in a wide variety of torques ranging from 15 to 627 in-lbs in both right angle and parallel shaft designs with industry standard mounting configurations. The Right Angle single reduction units feature an Internal Expansion Bladder and Mobil ® SHC634 Synthetic... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Shaft Speed: 71
  • Features: Reversible
  • Continuous Torque: 7.5
Groschopp Parallel Shaft AC Gearmotors -- 47752
from Groschopp, Inc.

Low noise, long life. Groschopp AC Motors are constructed with class "H" insulation components allowing for running temperatures up to 180 degrees C. High-efficiency synthetic oil lubricant. Hardened output shaft. Ball and roller bearings. Multiple mounting positions. Rugged cast housing [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Features: Reversible (optional feature)
  • DC Voltage: 115.0
Induction Gear Motor -- 2IK6UA-100
from Oriental Motor USA

The next generation KII Series offers higher strength gears that maximizes motor performance with ease of use wiring and mounting, all at affordable prices. Higher Permissible Torque. Long Life (Rated life 10,000 hours). Low Noise. Combination Type (motor and gearhead come pre-assembled) [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Construction: Induction
  • Shaft Speed: 18
A.C. Gearmotors (metric) -- A 3G25MIS0006
from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

6:1 Reduction #60 Gearmotors, 6mm Shaft Diameter With 5.5mm Across Flat [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Output Power: 0.0040
  • Continuous Torque: 0.9
  • Gearbox Ratio: 6
AC Gearmotor -- Model 101-014
from Anko Products, Inc.

Anko AC gearmotors are UL recognized and CSA certified class B. They have been designed for use in many commercial and industrial applications. Gearmotors can be ordered with clockwise or counter clockwise rotation, facing the output shaft. The gear trains use materials such as: phenolic, powdered... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz
  • Shaft Speed: 2 to 282
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Continuous Current: ? to 0.4400
Hysteresis Synchronous AC Gear Motor -- Model 700
from Autotrol Corporation

The 700 synchronous motor is available in speeds from 460 RPM TO 1 revolution per month. It is suitable for many timing and instrument applications that require the smooth acceleration and quiet operation of a hysteresis motor. AC Gear Motor - Model 700 Features. Always starts in the right direction... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz; International Voltages; 24 V
  • Features: Multi-speed; Reversible
  • Construction: Synchronous
  • Phase: Single-phase
100mm AC Motors 200 Series -- 016-246-6302
from Bison Gear and Engineering

For tight-spaces requiring big power these new 4" dia., 1/8 hp (93 w) motors offer larger motor power in 30% less volume. 9 - In-Stock, Instant-Ship (ISIS) single phase, parallel shaft models up to 350 in-lbs (39.5 N-m). Motor Specifications. Motor Type: 115 V, 60 Hz single phase. Enclosure: TEFC... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Shaft Speed: 17
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Continuous Current: 1.4
ER Series Motor -- ER115
from Exlar

For hazardous duty environments with constant exposure to flammable gasses or vapors* Exlar ’s ER Series rotary explosionproof motors and gearmotors provide an excellent solution. Exlar ’s motors utilizing T-LAM ™ technology, an innovative segmented winding, have been designed for... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz; 460/480V/60Hz
  • Features: Multi-speed
  • Construction: Permanent Magnet; Servomotor
  • DC Voltage: 24.0 to 48.0
AC Permanent Motor -- Model 105
from M.H. Rhodes/Cramer Company

The Cramer line of AC Permanent Magnet Motors offers application solutions requiring fast starts, fast stops where coasting of load is undesirable and low wattage operating power consumption. Valve drive assemblies. Automatic teller machines. POP displays. Timing control systems [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz; 24 VAC
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Construction: Synchronous
  • Continuous Torque: 18.8
0IK1A AC Induction Gear Motor -- 0IK1A-A
from Sinotech

Insulation Resistance: 100M Ω at 500V between motor winding and shell. Insulation Voltage:1500V 50/60Hz @1min between motor winding and shell. Temperature Rise: Max 80oC. Insulation Class: Class B (130oC). Operating Temperature: -10oC to +40oC (Three phase -10oC to +50oC). Humidity: 85% max. [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; International Voltages
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Construction: Induction
  • Shaft Speed: 50 to 1200
AC Induction Gearmotor -- 4IK25GN
from TELCO Intercontinental Corp.

Telco Motion's world K series induction motors have two series and eight powers: 6W, 15W, 25W, 40W, 60W, 90W, 120W, 154W.  K series Induction Motors can use the way of connection to change the rotation to C.W. & C.C.W.  K series induction motors include two types: Brake Motor and Variable Speed... [See More]

  • AC Voltage: 120V/60Hz; 208-230/240V 60Hz; 380 V
  • Phase: Single-phase
  • Construction: Induction
  • Shaft Speed: 1300 to 2700