Open Back (OBI / OBS)  Presses (metalworking)

Heavy Duty Surelok
from Norlok Technology, Inc.

Available in 18 ” or 25 ” throat, the Heavy Duty SURELOK model provides the ultimate strength to ensure all of your heavy material applications are taken care of. This air over oil booster powered machine can clinch material up to an astounding 10g. Description. Available in 18 ”... [See More]

  • Frame & Head Type: Open Back
  • Operation: Side Punching / Notching
  • General Types: Clinching Machine; Sheet Metal
  • Pressure: 60 to 80
Abrasive Disc Cutting System -- ABR 30
from Associated Pacific Machine Corp.

Two axis computer numerical control system. P.P. cutting pad with pad shifter. Punch slug box under head to automatically collect scrap material. Pneumatic die rails under head for quick and easy die mounting. Servo motor positioning system. Inboard clamping beam feed system. Outboard conveyor... [See More]

  • Frame & Head Type: Open Back; Sliding Bed / Roll Frame
  • Stamping / Hydroforming / Converting / Punching Press Type: Die Cutting - Clicker Press
  • General Types: Die Cutting Machine
  • Operation: Blanking