Deep Drawing Presses (metalworking)

4 Post Deep Drawing Press
from Savage Engineering, Inc.

This high speed, low tonnage press is used for drawing stainless steel cannisters. A fully guided hydraulic cushion prevents wrinkling of sheet. [See More]

  • Operation: Deep Drawing
  • Capacity: 4 to 500
  • General Types: Forming and Bending Machine
  • Frame & Head Type: Column / Straight-Side
Press Machines -- HyperPress
from Aries Engineering Co., Inc.

Design …. At the heart of all HyperCyl Presses is a self-contained hydra-pneumatic cylinder system providing from 1-200 tons of output force using an ordinary plant air supply. Designed as an alternative power source to conventional hydraulic systems. HyperCyl is a clean, quiet and safe power... [See More]

  • Operation: Bending; Deep Drawing; Marking / Coining; Piercing / Hole Punching; Press Forming / Embossing; Part Insertion, Part Sizing
  • Capacity: 1 to 50
  • General Types: Punch Press
  • Pressure: 30 to 100
Straight Side Eccentric Gear Mechanical Press -- SE2-1000
from SEYI America Inc.

#9679; Application. Applicable for car body chassis component. ● Features. Rigid frame design, reduce working vibration & noise. High torque, wet clutch and brake unit with sintered multi-disc linings without abrasion wear problem. Suitable long stroke drawing & blanking processing. [See More]

  • Operation: Blanking; Deep Drawing
  • Stamping / Hydroforming / Converting / Punching Press Type: Straight Side Eccentric Gear Mechanical Press
  • General Types: Forming and Bending Machine; Punch Press; Sheet Metal; Stamping Press
  • Capacity: 1100