Coating Floor Coatings Datasheets

Asahi Guard E-SERIES -- AG-E600
from AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

AsahiGuard E-SERIES products are fluorinated water/oil repellents that contain no PFOA (at or above detection limits), longer chain PFCs or their precursors. Drawing on fluorine ’s extraordinary properties, these specialty chemicals provide excellent protection and durability against water,... [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Sealer
  • Coating Material: Fluoropolymers
  • Substrate: Ceramic; Concrete; Glass; Other; Fabrics, Natural and Synthetic Leather, Stone, Paper
  • Form: Liquid; Milky White Emulsion
Transportation Flooring Solutions -- TRAFFIDECK™ Go
from Dow Polyurethanes

We are excited to announce Dow ’s new TRAFFIDECK ™ Go Transportation Flooring Solutions, an innovative family of coatings that helps address the needs of the commercial transportation market in terms of efficiency, safety and durability. The performance of both the elastomeric and... [See More]

  • Type: Coating
  • Coating Material: Rubber
  • Substrate: Aluminum; Metallic; Steel
  • Dispensing Method: Sprayable
ACL Staticide 4700 Diamond Polyurethane Floor Coating 5 gal Pail -- 4700-SS5 [4700-SS5 from ACL Staticide]
from Ellsworth Adhesives

ACL Staticide Diamond ESD Paint 4700 Dark Gray is a high performance, water-based polyurethane coating that is used on concrete floors to prevent static. 5 gal Pail. [See More]

  • Type: Coating
Loctite Big Foot Acrylic Pedestrian Grade
from Henkel Corporation - Industrial

Loctite ® Big Foot ™ Acrylic Pedestrian Grade, a single-component, elastomeric, anti-slip floor and deck coating for optimum adhesion to asphalt and flexible applications. Anti-Slip Products. According to OSHA, each year there are over 2,000,000 injuries due to slips and falls. 80% of... [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Traction Coating / Friction Modifier
  • Coating Material: Acrylic
  • Substrate: Concrete; Metallic; Wood
  • Cure Temperature: 77
100% Solids Self-leveling Epoxy -- ArmorSeal®1000 HS Epoxy
from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

ArmorSeal ®1000 HS is a high solids, heavy duty, two-component, catalyzed, polyamide epoxy coating formulated for demanding marine and industrial requirements. This dries rapidly to a tough, high gloss finish with excellent resistance to alkalies, abrasion, corrosion, and chemical attack. [See More]

  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Concrete; Steel; Wood
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Multicomponent
  • Coating Material: Epoxy; Resin; Polyamide
Self-leveling Silicone Rubber -- ELASTOSIL® E91
from Wacker Chemical Corp.

ELASTOSIL ® E91 is a self-levelling silicone rubber with very good mechanical properties, which cures at room temperature under the influence of atmospheric moisture. It can also be cured in steam oven within 3 min. Properties. fast curing in steam oven. high elongation properties. acetic... [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Sealer
  • Substrate: Other; Textiles
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Reactive or Moisture Cured
  • Coating Material: Resin; Rubber; Silicone
Anti-Skid Floor Media Additive -- AD5-050
from ADSIL Inc.

Tough, skid resistant finish [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Clear Coat; Sealer
  • Substrate: Asphalt; Ceramic; Concrete
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Coating Material: Fine particle anti-skid material
from Coatings For Industry, Inc.

One package aromatic urethane sealer for concrete or wood. floors. [See More]

  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Concrete; Wood
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Coating Material: Resin
Endcor -- 750
from Dampney Company, Inc.

Allows resistance to under film corrosion attack [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Primer
  • Substrate: Concrete; Metallic; Steel; Wood
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Coating Material: Epoxy; Metal Filled; Resin; Zinc
Abcite® X45 Coating -- RAL 1015
from DuPont Performance Coatings

DuPont Powder Coatings has entered into an agreement with Thermoclad Company to create and distribute DuPont ™ ABCITE┬« by Thermoclad. This is a new line of thermoplastic powder coatings is available to the U.S. and Canadian finishing industry. These thermoplastic powders have been specifically... [See More]

  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Concrete (optional feature); Metallic; Steel; Wood
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Thermoplastic
  • Coating Material: Resin; Ethylene Acid
Deco-Coat -- DC-2501
from Epoxies Etc...

Deco-Coat 2501 Resin is a two component high gloss epoxy resin that forms a hard enamel like finish. This versatile coating is a liquid resin that is safe and easy to use. It does no contain any solvents or offensive odors. DC-2501R is also available in low viscosity (DC-2501R LV). [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Clear Coat
  • Substrate: Concrete; Glass; Metallic; Plastic; Wood
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Multicomponent; Thermoset
  • Coating Material: Epoxy; Resin
Clear Protective Coating System for Exposed Concrete and Masonry -- Dekguard CP (formerly Dekguard Clear)
from Fosroc Limited

Dekguard CP is a single component weather resistant impregnation and glaze, based on acrylic copolymer and siloxane. Dekguard CP combines an unique ability to protect against attacks by water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and other chemicals, with an ability to allow water vapour to escape from the... [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Sealer
Conduct Coat™ Floor Finish -- AF-6800
from RDM Industrial Products, Inc.

Specially formulated to protect conductive/dissipative flooring, this finish will lengthen its life. It offers long lasting, high gloss, static dissipative properties. With low a VOC level this product is as safe as it is easy to use. Resistance: 107-109 Ohms/sq. Durable. Facilitates dirt removal. [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Clear Coat
  • Substrate: Ceramic; Plastic
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Coating Material: Water
Acrylic Aliphatic Urethane -- 3300 System
from Rust-Oleum Corporation

Acrylic aliphatic urethane, high gloss, two component, gloss retention [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Enamel; Base Coat
  • Substrate: Aluminum; Concrete; Metallic; Steel
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Multicomponent
  • Coating Material: Acrylic; Polyurethane; Resin
Arctikure Epoxy Flooring -- No. 230
from Sauereisen, Inc.

Arctikure No. 230 is a three-component epoxy monolithic floor system that is used to protect concrete and other substrates. from chemical and physical abuse. No. 230 is designed for cold room applications and will cure at temperatures as low as 35oF. Arctikure has the durability to withstand the... [See More]

  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Concrete
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying; Multicomponent
  • Coating Material: Epoxy; Resin
Architects Exterior Paint & Coatings
from Sherwin-Williams

Paint & Coatings. A wide variety of coatings for residential or commercial use offer top quality performance. Primers. Exterior primers assure superior hiding, topcoat appearance and long-lasting results. Commercial High-Performance Coatings. A comprehensive line-up of high-performance coatings... [See More]

  • Type: Coating; Paint; Enamel; Primer; Base Coat; Clear Coat; Sealer; Stain
  • Substrate: Concrete; Metallic; Plastic; Wood
  • Cure / Setting Technology: Film Drying
  • Coating Material: Acrylic; Alkyd; Resin
Titebond 531 Moisture Control System -- 1285
from Titebond

Titebond ® 531 Moisture Control System solves the challenges of moisture transfer from concrete subfloors to wood flooring by reducing the transmission rate of moisture. The system consists of two pre-measured components that are mixed together to form a coating that is applied to the concrete... [See More]

  • Type: Coating
  • Substrate: Concrete