Cast-In Heater Electric Heaters

Diffusion Pump Heaters
from Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc.

Diff-Therm Platen Heaters are high-quality tubular heating elements swaged under 50 tons of pressure into grey iron castings. Direct Replacement Heaters for Every Major Brand of Vacuum Diffusion Pump. Cooke. CVC. Denton. Edwards. Leybold. NRC. Perkin Elmer. Torr. Varian. Veeco. Outperform Original... [See More]

  • Heater Type: Cast-In Heater
  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: Iron; Grey
  • AC Voltage Required: 0.0 to 480
Cast-In Band Heaters
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

As a standard, Cast-In Band Heaters are manufactured in aluminum alloys because this material provides very good thermal conductive properties. For applications requiring higher operating temperatures and/or higher watt densities, bronze or brass alloys can be used. [See More]

  • Heater Type: Band Heater; Cast-In Heater
  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: Aluminum; Brass; Bronze
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage; Three Phase AC Voltage
Cast-In Circulation Heaters
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

Tempco offers three standard Circulation Heater designs that are compact lightweight unit used for heating gases or liquids. The material being heated is pumped through the coiled seamless 316 SS tubing which has been cast into an aluminum body that acts as the heat exchanger. A... [See More]

  • Heater Type: Cast-In Heater; Circulation Heater
  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: Aluminum; Brass
  • Watt Density: 35 to 45
Cast-In Cross Head Die Heaters
from Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

The challenging operating parameters these Cast-In Heaters are required for are primarily due to the presence of excessive contamination, high watt densities and high temperature as well as unusual physical and dimensional requirements. Cast-In Heaters are less susceptible to contamination... [See More]

  • Heater Type: Cast-In Heater
  • Sleeve (Sheath) Material: Aluminum; Bronze Alloy
  • AC Voltage Required: 240 to 460
Standard Bake Platen -- BP200
from Durex Industries

Durex Cast In Platen heaters are manufactured from aluminum or bronze alloys, the cast in platens consists of a tubular heating element that is designed and formed to provide maximum efficiency and temperature uniformity on the working surface of the casting. The cast in platen heaters can also be... [See More]

  • Heater Type: Cast-In Heater
  • Heating Capacity: 1.25
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 752
  • AC Voltage Required: 208
Liquid Flow Through Heaters -- FTH
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

OMEGA ® flow through heaters are designed primarily for providing heat that regulates liquid temperature from 32 to 88 °C (90 to 190 °F). The heaters have a titanium element that resists corrosion. The flow through tube is 381 mm (15") long and has 1 NPT female pipe connections and is... [See More]

  • Heater Type: Water Heaters; Cast-In Heater
  • Phase: Single Phase AC Voltage
  • Maximum Operating (Sheath) Temperature: 210
  • AC Voltage Required: 120 to 240