Exotic Metal Control Valves

Ultra High Pressure Control Valve -- HP-40 Ultra High Pressure Valve
from Badger Meter

The HP-40 valve is an ultra high pressure control valve using a tri-axially forged stainless steel body along with a solid Stellite innervalve assembly. The HP-40 valve can be used for both flow control as well as a Class IV shutoff valve. The versatility of the HP-40 valve creates a singular... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Stainless Steel; Exotic Metal
  • Actuation: Pneumatic
  • Valve Type: Globe
  • Valve Size: 0.06 to 0.10
Pressure Reducing Valve -- GD-10F
from Armstrong International

The GD-10/10F is a lightweight direct-acting diaphragm valve used primarily for pneumatic tool air supply and non-hazardous gas regulation. Screwed connections make it easy to support in position without external sensing lines or other parts. Zinc or aluminum bodies eliminate rust and scale. Plug,... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Exotic Metal
  • Valve Size: 0.25 to 0.75
  • Valve Type: Diaphragm; Relief
  • Maximum Pressure: 15.00 to 250.00
Corrosion Resistant Control Selector Stainless Steel Valve -- CH2TSL010
from Conant Controls, Inc.

Control Selector Valves - Solid Stainless Steel Rotor. Bar Stock bodies are usually recommended for more severe service applications. They are also available in the widest ranges of sizes and materials of all Conant Control Valves. They can also be adapted to motorized operation. [See More]

  • Primary Material: Exotic Metal
  • Actuation: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Valve Type: Diverter
  • Valve Size: 0.25
G4 Sleeveline Plug Valve
from Flowserve Corporation

Flowserve invented the non-lubricated plug valve for the most corrosive and difficult chemical services where drop-tight shutoff is an absolute requirement. Nearly 50 years later there are many imitators but no substitute for the quality and reliability, versatility and value you receive with... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Ductile Iron; Stainless Steel; Exotic Metal; Titanium
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Actuation: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Connection Description: Threaded; BoltFlange; Butt Weld
V-port Segment Valve For Control Applications -- R Series
from Metso

Accurate and reliable performance for high capacity and wide rangeability control applications. Features. Real one piece body without inserts or seat retainers eliminates possible leak paths and bending forces from piping ensuring reliable valve operation. Anti-blowout shaft. Rotating, dynamic... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Stainless Steel; Exotic Metal; Titanium
  • Number of Ports: 2
  • Valve Size: 1.00 to 32.00
  • Media Temperature: -58 to 500
2-Way Cartridge Valve -- C032401
from Pneumadyne, Inc.

Cost effective, space saving solution for the use of single or multiple valves. A wide variety of connector, electrical and mounting options are available to accommodate numerous applications. Convenient Line & 90 ° Connectors (both with LED) provide quick electrical connection when used in... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Brass / Bronze; Stainless Steel; Exotic Metal
  • Actuation: Toggle Detented
  • Valve Type: Cartridge; Directional; Spool; Toggle
  • Valve Size: 0.19
Butterfly Control Valve -- OpDX™
from TrimTeck

Pressure-assisted seating achieves bi-directional shut-off and low breakout torque. The OpDX ™ butterfly control valve is a high performance rotary valve with an eccentric cammed disc that ensures accurate throttling. Its same flangless body (wafer) serves ANSI classes 150, 300, and 600 in 2... [See More]

  • Primary Material: Stainless Steel; Steel; Exotic Metal
  • Actuation: ElectroPneumatic
  • Valve Type: Butterfly
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 36.00
Hydraulic Oil Directional Control Valves -- Series VG20/35
from Western Integrated Technologies

Exceptional size to pressure drop ratio. .47" spool stroke – industry leader; outstanding feathering control. Electrohydraulic operation now available. Differential main relief – quick response and low pressure rise [See More]

  • Primary Material: Exotic Metal
  • Actuation: ElectroPneumatic; Pneumatic
  • Valve Type: Directional
  • Maximum Pressure: 3500.00