Bolt Flange Control Valves

440 Straightway Control Valves -- 12.440 (DN 100) FR 2.1 PN 16
from ARI Valve Corporation

Type approval acc. to DIN 32730 for Fig. 440 and Fig. 440-D with FR 2.1. Optional direction for safety reset, Open or Close, as required. Protection class IP 54. 1 travel switch for Open and Close. Emergency manual override hand wheel. Additional devices available [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Primary Material: GG-25 GGG-40.3 1.0619+N 1.4408
Globe Control Valve -- Model 1499
from Badger Meter

The Type 1499 globe control valve is designed to fit directly into pipelines of the same flange size and rating. Its compact size and light weight make it especially suited to modulating control of medium to low flow rates within the pressure range of the flanges. Its welded construction makes it... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic
  • Valve Type: Bellows (optional feature); Globe
  • Valve Size: 0.75 to 1.00
2/2 Way Direct Acting Coaxial Valve -- FK 15
from co-ax valves inc.

Function: pressure balanced 2/2 way direct acting coaxial valves, normally closed and normally open versions. Media: gaseous, liquid, gelatinous, highly viscous, pasty, contaminated, aggressive, coolant. Body Materials: aluminum, brass, galvanized steel, nickel plated brass, nickel plated steel,... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange; ANSI, DIN, SAE Metric, etc.
  • Actuation: Electric
  • Valve Type: Balancing; Drain; Mixing; Solenoid
  • Valve Size: 0.59
Flanged Abrasive Service Control Valves -- DFT® Ultra-Trol®
from DFT Inc.

The ULTRA-TROL ® is designed for applications requiring flanged end connections. The internal design features are similar to the HI-100 found on page 6. They include the in-line through ported, venturi flow shape and the contained spherical ball. The ball, cage and stem can easily be replaced... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange; ANSI RF/FTJ
  • Valve Size: 0.25 to 10.00
  • Actuation: Electric (optional feature); ElectroHydraulic (optional feature); ElectroPneumatic (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Maximum Pressure: 6170.00
Electrically Actuated Carbon Steel Ball Valve -- EHC Series
from DynaQuip Controls

The EHC Carbon Steel Flanged Series offers an excellent option when a flanged connection is needed. The valve is constructed of durable carbon steel for industrial, hydraulic, or petroleum applications. The EHC series is also full port and features 150 lb. ANSI flanges. The EHC series uses our DE... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange; 150 ANSI v16.10 Flanged Connections
  • Actuation: Electric
  • Valve Type: Ball
  • Valve Size: 1.50 to 4.00
Dome Valves
from Macawber Group

Originally patented in the late 1970 ′s, the Dome Valve is unique in its ability to open and close with a tight pressure seal in pneumatic conveying systems for abrasive materials. No other valve can achieve as long of a life in harsh environments like the Dome Valve. We are the original... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Maximum Pressure: 200.00
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 30.00
  • Number of Ports: 2
Slide Control Valves -- Cast Slimslide
from Rotolok Valves, Inc.

This cost effective valve is available with round or square inlets between 125mm and 350mm, with a choice of manual, single pneumatic or motorised operation. Used when isolating the flow of dry free flowing powders, granules and dust. For use on various types of gravity feed applications, e.g. [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic
  • Valve Type: Solenoid (optional feature)
  • Valve Size: 5.00 to 14.00
High Flow Dump Valve -- AMT-9-125-DV
from Almo Manifold & Tool Co.

- Standard D03 interface on the 1 ¼" thru 2.0?. - Standard D05 interface on the 2.50? thru 4.0?. - SAE O-ring ports for access to P & T. - Ships standard with an orifice. installed in the P port. [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Valve Size: 1.25
  • Actuation: Pilot
  • Maximum Pressure: 6000.00
Back Pressure Valve -- GP-2000R
from Armstrong International

The GP-2000R is a high-performance externally piloted throttling back-pressure valve for large capacity applications. Typical applications would include systems using flash steam for low-pressure heating or processes. The GP-2000R valve will function to maintain a constant upstream pressure. This... [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded; BoltFlange; (1/2-1-1/2,2)"NPT(2,2.5,3,4,6)"Flange
  • Actuation: Electric (optional feature); Pilot
  • Valve Type: Relief
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 6.00
Relief Valves -- REM
from Atos North America

REM are double stage pressure relief valves with balanced poppet and SAE flange connection, designed to operate in oil hydraulic systems. They can be directly mounted with SAE flange attachments on the pumps outlet ports and, in particular, on the PFE pumps. In standard versions the piloting... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange; SAE 3/4, 1, 1 1/4
  • Actuation: Pilot
  • Valve Type: Relief
  • Valve Size: 0.75 to 1.25
Control Valves for Water Supply Applications
from AVK International A/S

Wide variety of pressure reducing valves and float valves for water supply applications. The AVK ball float valves are designed to be fitted in the top of a tank or reservoir to automatically control the rate of filling and shut off completely when a predetermined level is reached. The balanced... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Valve Size: 1.50 to 12.00
  • Actuation: Pilot; Float Operated
  • Media Temperature: 158
Characterized Control Valves -- B6250S-070+AFRX24
from Belimo Americas

CCV,2.5",2 Way,70 Cv,w/ Spring Return,24V,On/Off [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Valve Size: 2.50
  • Actuation: Electric; Spring return
  • Maximum Pressure: 100.00
Flow Control Valves -- Flo-Control
from Bell & Gossett, a xylem brand

B &G Flo-Control Valves are used for preventing gravity flow in forced water systems and to permit summer-winter operation of indirect water heaters. Flo-Control Valves in NPT sizes 3/4 ” to 2 ” are made in combination straight-angle patterns permitting installation in either... [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded; BoltFlange; NPT
  • Maximum Pressure: 125.00
  • Valve Size: 0.75 to 2.00
  • Media Temperature: 250
AutoTouch Max Pressure Independent Valves -- ATIMX Series
from Bray Commercial

The Auto Touch Independent Max (ATiMX) valve brings pressure independent control technology to valves up to 6" and flow rates up to 468 GPM. It is a stateof-the-art control valve combining a high quality/high rangeability temperature control valve with a dynamically balanced flow regulator in the... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Electric
  • Valve Type: Ball
  • Valve Size: 2.50 to 6.00
Shut Off Cock - Coke Oven Gas Valves -- Class - 150, 300
from Curtiss-Wright, Valve Group

Shut Off Cock and Reversing Cock (3-way-cock) with lubrication system, approved stem sealing system in accordance with TA-Luft. Especially for coke oven gas in coke oven plants, battery heating system. Curtiss-Wright Shut off cock valves are supplied through their Phonix manufacturing facilities. [See More]

  • Connection Description: Threaded; BoltFlange
  • Media Temperature: -4 to 392
  • Valve Size: 2.50 to 12.00
  • Primary Material: Cast Iron
External Pilot Controlled Valves -- Series 700
from Daniel Measurement and Control Inc.

These valves are externally pilot-operated, making one basic valve perform many different functions. Multiple pilot arrangements, easily modified, allow you to choose or change valve capability as required. Unique design features and unit-built construction assures positive sealing, linear valve... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 16.00
  • Actuation: ElectroHydraulic (optional feature); ElectroPneumatic (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Maximum Pressure: 15.00 to 1480.00
General Line Pinch Valves -- PVG
from Flowrox Inc.

The PVG valve is a cost effective general line pinch valve for processes involving pressure resistance, abrasion, corrosion and aggressive slurries. Face-to-face according to industry standard - easy and quick installation!. Efficiency: Unrestricted flow due to valve structure Reliable choice: 100 %... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Valve Type: Pinch
  • Valve Size: 50.00 to 250.00
818/828 Series Full Port Valve
from Flowserve Corporation

Flowserve Worcester Series 818/828 flanged full port valves are designed to meet recognized industry standards in a wide variety of industries including chemical processing, petrochemical, oil and gas production, pulp and paper and many others. [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Valve Type: Ball
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 8.00
Automatic Diaphragm Valves
from G.I.E. Inc.

Automatic Diaphragm Valves — Standard Actuator. The GIE, Inc. broad line of diaphragm valves is widely applied throughout the chemical, food, paper, steel, mining, pharmaceutical, and other process industries wherever positive shut-off, non-contamination, or ease of maintenance is required. [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Valve Type: Diaphragm
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 8.00
Control Valve -- VBF2J11S0A
from Honeywell International, Inc.


  • Connection Description: BoltFlange; 4 INCH FLANGED X 4 INCH FLANGED
  • Media Temperature: -22 to 250
  • Valve Size: 4.00
  • Primary Material: Cast Iron
Proportional Reducing/Relieving valve -- EHPR98-T35
from HydraForce, Inc.

A direct-acting, spool-type, drop-in-style, flange-mounted, pressure reducing/relieving valve, which can be infinitely adjusted across a prescribed range using a variable electric input. Pressure output is proportional to DC current input. The Ecoil is an integral part of the valve assembly, and... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: ElectroHydraulic; Pilot
  • Valve Type: Cartridge; Relief; Spool
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.00 to 1500.00
Control Valve -- BOA-CVE globe valves
from KSB AG

Design. Control valve based on standard type series BOA-C, BOA-CS, BOA-C EKB, BOA-Control IMS, single-piece pressure-retaining body with soft seat. Leakage rate selectable from 0.05% to drop-tight at KVS valuesbetween 6.3 and 700 m3/h and closing pressures up to 16 bar. With intelligent... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Valve Size: 0.59 to 7.87
  • Actuation: Electric
  • Maximum Pressure: 232.06
2" TRU-TORQ Electric Actuated Polypropylene 2-Way Ball Valve -- M2i22-10DY0-PF1
from KZValve by KZCO

The NEW KZValve Tru-Torq Series is designed to mount directly to a KZValve EH Series actuator or be used as a premium quality manual valve. These consistently smooth operating valves are ready to work as hard as you do season after season. • 2" and 3" full port 2-way ball valves. • Valve... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Electric
  • Valve Type: Ball
  • Valve Size: 2.00
Electronic Valve -- Two-Stage Control Valve
from Liquid Controls Group; a Unit of IDEX Corporation

Provides system security and prevents unauthorized operation. Slow closing microprocessor controlled valve, allows for preset, net and/or gross volume, and/or price. [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Electric
Butterfly Valve for High Pressure Applications -- BW Series
from Metso

Problem solver for high pressure applications. Features. Solid, sturdy all metal seat design, based on metal-to-metal contact. No resilient components needed for tightness. Excellent control and on-off capabilities. Design according to API 609 and ASME B16.34, full rated ASME Class 900 to 2500. Low... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange; 4" - 64" Flanged
  • Actuation: Electric
  • Valve Type: Butterfly
  • Valve Size: 4.00 to 64.00
Control Pinch Valves -- Series 5200 D-port
from Red Valve Company, Inc.

Red Valve's Series 5200 D-Port control valve design results in an economical control valve choice. When fully open, the D-Port has 95% of the flow of a full-ported valve. Flow control begins immediately, providing a linear flow characteristic. The D-Port configuration employs a single actuator which... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Electric; Pneumatic; Hydraulic
  • Valve Type: Pinch
  • Valve Size: 6.00 to 36.00
½" (DN15) to 8" (DN200) ANSI Two-port Control Valve -- KEA Series
from Spirax-Sarco

The KEA series control valves are a range of two-port single seat globe valves conforming to ANSI / ASTM specification. The valves are available in three body materials in sizes ranging from ½ " to 8"(DN15 to DN200). When used in conjunction with a pneumatic or electric linear actuator they... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange; DN15 to DN200 (½" to 8")
  • Actuation: Electric (optional feature); Pneumatic (optional feature)
  • Valve Type: Globe
  • Valve Size: 0.50 to 8.00
Butterfly Control Valve -- OpDX™
from TrimTeck

Pressure-assisted seating achieves bi-directional shut-off and low breakout torque. The OpDX ™ butterfly control valve is a high performance rotary valve with an eccentric cammed disc that ensures accurate throttling. Its same flangless body (wafer) serves ANSI classes 150, 300, and 600 in 2... [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: ElectroPneumatic
  • Valve Type: Butterfly
  • Valve Size: 2.00 to 36.00
Control Gate Valve -- Series 642
from VAT, Inc.

Control gate valves with stepper motor for controlling and isolation. A valve in combination with an adaptive pressure controller PM4/5 is a pressure control system. [See More]

  • Connection Description: BoltFlange
  • Actuation: Electric
  • Valve Type: Gate
  • Valve Size: 6.00 to 16.00