Manual Stepper Motor Drives Datasheets

Micro-Stepping Driver -- SD-03/48-125
from H2W Technologies

Key Features: 20 to 50 VDC Supply Voltage. H-Bridge, 2 Phase Bi-polar Micro-stepping Drive. Suitable for 2-phase, 4, 6 and 8 leads step motors. Compatible with all H2W linear stepper motor models, STS-0213-R, STS-0620-R, STS-1220-A, STS-2030-A. Compatible with standard rotary stepper motors used in... [See More]

  • Setup: Manual
  • Motor / System: Bipolar; Microstepping Motor
  • Axes: 1.0
  • DC Input: 20 to 50
Step and Direction Stepper Drives -- STR Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The STR series stepper drive is a compact, powerful, digital step and direction drive available in two power ranges: 4 A/phase and 8 A/phase. The STR series is ideal for applications requiring basic step and direction control of a 2-phase step motor. STR drives feature advanced microstepping... [See More]

  • Setup: Manual
  • Motor / System: Microstepping Motor
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Phase  : Single Phase (optional feature); Three Phase (optional feature)
MicroStepping Drive -- EDM-453
from Portescap

The EDM-453 microstepping drive provides substantial benefits for increased system resolution, low noise and smooth motion. The power stage is designed to suit low electrical time constant motors and achieve high dynamic performance. Motor Highlights. Resolution switch from 1/2 up to 1/64... [See More]

  • Setup: Manual
  • Motor / System: Microstepping Motor
  • Axes: 1.0
  • DC Input: 12 to 45
Microstepping Motor Driver -- MD2S
from US Digital

The MD2S is a universal programmable microstepping (stepper) motor driver capable of driving size 17 to 42 stepper motors. Peak motor currents are selectable from 0.5 to 7.0 Amps per winding in 0.5 Amp increments. The L-option (low current) is selectable from 0.20 to 3.6 Amps per winding in 0.05 Amp... [See More]

  • Setup: Manual
  • Motor / System: Microstepping Motor
  • Axes: 1.0
  • DC Input: 16 to 50
Microstepping BipolarStepper MotorDriver -- ST-1
from Critical Velocity Enterprises, LLC

The ST-1 Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver allows you to drive a bipolar or unipolar stepper motor of up to 2.5 Amps per phase in full, half, quarter or eighth step increments. The opto-isolated STEP and DIRECTION inputs allow simple interfacing to computers and microcontrollers. The motor current is... [See More]

  • Setup: Manual
  • DC Input: 8 to 26
  • Motor / System: Bipolar; Microstepping Motor
  • Power: 65
Stepper Drive Module Series -- AMP-20620
from Galil Motion Control

The SDM-206x0 contains four microstepping drives for operating two-phase bipolar stepper motors. [See More]

  • Setup: Manual; Joystick; Computer; Control Panel; Handheld
  • Axes: 2.0
  • Product: Controller / Drive (optional feature)
  • Motor / System: Unipolar; Bipolar; Permanent Magnet; Full-Step; Half-Step; Microstepping Motor
from TELCO Intercontinental Corp.

110VAC, 60Hz input voltage, overheat protection, 200 Ohm internal impedance [See More]

  • Setup: Manual
  • AC Input: 110
  • Motor / System: Bipolar; Permanent Magnet; Microstepping Motor
  • Phase  : Single Phase
VXM Stepping Motor Controller -- VXM-1
from Velmex, Inc.

The VXM is a high integration stepping motor controller for “plug and run ” with Velmex motor driven products. Reliable. performance is achieved with a powerful RISC Microcontroller that directly controls motor phase switching and all other. interface functions. The VXM uses an optimized... [See More]

  • Setup: Manual; Joystick (optional feature); Computer
  • Axes: 1.0
  • Product: Controller / Drive
  • Motor / System: Unipolar; Hybrid; Half-Step