Linear Motor Multi-axis Positioning Systems

PlanarDLA Open Frame, XY, Direct-Drive, Mechanical-Bearing Stage
from Aerotech, Inc.

Design Features. Integrated, low-profile, XY, linear-motor stage with clear aperture. Excellent geometric performance (straightness to ±0.5 µm, flatness to ±1.25 µm). Optimized for high-dynamic applications. Speeds to 2 m/s and accelerations to 2 g. Integrated cable... [See More]

  • Motor Type: DC Brushless Servo; Linear Motor
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 5.91 to 9.84
  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 5.91 to 9.84
Vertical XYZ Gantry -- LSS200
from IntelLiDrives, Inc.

Linear Servo Motor Actuators Linear ServoSlide LSS200 integrated into custom vertical gantry with travel span 1m x 1m x 100 mm, incorporates structure, linear brakes, shock absorbers and cable tracks. [See More]

  • Motor Type: Linear Motor
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 3.94
  • Axis Configuration: X-Y-Z Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 0.0394
High Load Precision Motorized Planar XY Positioning Stage -- L-731
from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

This low profile, integrated XY linear table is available with stepper and servo motors. Driven by a ball screw and guided by precision anti-creep crossed roller bearings for higher stiffness and lower friction, the stage provides repeatability to 0.25 µm. Noncontact optical linear encoders... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Linear Motor
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 8.07
  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 8.07
OEM Precision XY Table
from TPA Motion

Precision XY Table is designed and manufactured for accuracy. Drive types include motorized ball screw, linear motor, and piezo motor drives. Each system is laser mapped to ensure we meet your precision requirements. Laser mapped precision reports our provided upon request with each product. [See More]

  • Motor Type: Linear Motor; Piezo Motor
  • Drive Type: Ball Screw; Direct Driven
  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
KAOS™ OEM-L Dual Axis -- KAOS OEM-L-1000
from Bell-Everman Inc.

KAOS OEM is the lowest profile and least moving mass of any high speed, high accuracy two axis cartesian servo stage. Low moving mass means high accelerations with a minimum investment in linear motor force - up to 2g continuous and over 6g peak. Low profile means your servo stage is easier to... [See More]

  • Motor Type: DC Servo; Linear Motor
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 28.43 to 32.44
  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 4.02
2 Axis Belt Drive Vertical Gantry
from H2W Technologies

The H2W belt drive stage is a quiet-running economical solution for high applications that require medium accuracy and rapid positioning. The simple design of the assembly offers long and relatively maintenance free operation. The belt tensioning system quick adjustments without disassembly. A... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Linear Motor
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 40
  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 40
Motorized Linear Stages
from MotiCont

high performance compact positioning voice coil driven linear stages are used in positioning applications where high speed, high acceleration or high accuracy is required. The motorized linear stages are fully self-contained. Each stage utilizes one or two voice coil motor(s), a linear carriage... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Linear Motor; Voice Coil
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.5000 to 5.2
  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes (optional feature); X-Y-Z Axes (optional feature)
  • Y-Axis Travel: 0.5000 to 5.2
MX80L Series -- MX80LP
from Parker Hannifin / Automation / Electromechanical Division - Europe

Parker's MX80L Miniature Stage, the smallest linear servo-motor driven positioner in the industry, is redefining high throughput automation in the world of miniature positioners. The MX80 is a high performance linear servo motor stage designed to meet today's 24/7 production demands requiring... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Linear Motor
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.9843 to 5.91
  • Axis Configuration: X-Z Axes
  • Z-Axis Travel: 0.9843 to 7.87
X-Y Axis Open Frame Linear Stages -- POF115
from Primatics, Inc.

Primatics POF115 Series open frame X, Y stages are ideal for precision inspection and assembly applications. With its large central aperture, it affords top and bottom access to the payload. Higher Performance. Open frame stages are most often used in applications requiring very accurate, flat... [See More]

  • Motor Type: Linear Motor
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 11.81
  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Open Frame
  • Y-Axis Travel: 11.81