M4 Nuts Datasheets

Metric SEELNUT® Self-Sealing Locking Standard Nut -- M4 x 0.7
from APM Hexseal Corp.

One of APM Hexseal's earliest innovations was a self-sealing hexagonal nut, or Seelnut ®. Seelnuts install just like conventional nuts, and are designed for use with ordinary screws, bolts and studs, making them a quick and easy sealing option for all sorts of applications, especially where... [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Steel; Low Carbon Steel
  • Type: Hex Nut; Locknut; Other; Nut with a Sealing O-Ring
  • Finish: Zinc Chromate
Metric Series Finish Nuts
from Bayou City Bolt & Supply Co., Inc.

A nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole. Nuts are almost always used opposite a mating bolt to fasten parts together. The two components work together by a combination of friction between the threads, a slight stretch of the bolt, and compression of the mating parts. Nuts are graded with... [See More]

  • Size: M4; M5; M6; M8; M10; M12; M14; M16; M18; M20; M22; M24; M27; M30; M33; M36; M42; M48
  • Material: Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature); Alloy Steel
  • Type: Finish Nuts
  • Standards: ASME/ANSI (optional feature); SAE (optional feature); ASTM
Nuts -- HN-M4-01-ND
from Digi-Key Electronics

HEX NUT 0.270" NYLON M4 [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Plastic; Nylon
  • Type: Hex Nut
  • Standards: RoHS Compliant
T-Slot Nut (Profile St) 8 M4 -- 0.0.494.38
from item America, LLC

T-Slot Nuts (Profile St) 8 are adapted to suit the special shape of the profile groove of Profiles St 8. They can be inserted into the grooves at any location and are fixed in place using a ball thrust piece. A rear anti-torsion feature simplifies the process of moving the T-Slot Nut and stops it... [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Type: T-Slot Nut
Nylon Nut -- 4689
from Keystone Electronics Corp.

Material: Nylon. OD: 7mm. Style: Metric. Thread: M4. Type: Nut [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Plastic; Nylon
  • Type: Hex Nut
Broaching Nuts - Types KF2, KFS2 - Metric -- KF2-M4-DT
from PennEngineering

Type KF2 and KFS2 - Broaching nuts, internally threaded for mounting on PC boards. [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Steel
  • Type: Broaching Nuts - Types KF2, KFS2 - Metric
  • Finish: Tin (optional feature)
from RS Components, Ltd.

The RS Pro A2 stainless steel locking half nuts have been designed for you to use when a nut has to be locked without clamping against another object. Thread Size = M4. Width = 7mm. Material = Stainless Steel. Type = Half. Stainless Steel Type = 304, A2. Finish = Plain [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Hex Nut
Nut, Scrw; 4-40; Screw; Thread -- 70181542 [9605 from Keystone Electronics Corp.]
from Allied Electronics, Inc.

Hex Machine Screw Nut. 1 ⁄4 in. length screw nut. [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Type: Screw Thread Nut
from Carl Stuart Co.


  • Size: M4
  • Material: Stainless Steel
Jam Nuts
from Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

High-quality heavy-hex jam nut. Available in steel or stainless steel. [See More]

  • Size: #8 (optional feature); #10 (optional feature); 1/4" (optional feature); 5/16" (optional feature); 3/8" (optional feature); 1/2" (optional feature); 5/8" (optional feature); 3/4" (optional feature); 1" (optional feature); M4 (optional feature); M5 (optional feature); M6 (optional feature); M8 (optional feature); M10 (optional feature); M12 (optional feature); M16 (optional feature); M20 (optional feature); M24 (optional feature)
  • Material: Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature)
  • Type: Locknut; Jam Nut
  • Thread Direction: Right Hand
Hex Nuts
from G.L. Huyett

Hex nuts are six-sided, hexagon shaped metal fasteners that have a threaded hole in the center used to secure a bolt or machine screw. Available in a variety of grades and finishes, they are frequently used in construction and automotive applications. [See More]

  • Size: #6; #8; #10; 1/4"; 5/16"; 3/8"; 7/16"; 1/2"; 5/8"; 3/4"; 7/8"; 1 1/8"; M4; M5; M6; M8; M10; M12
  • Material: Stainless Steel (optional feature); Carbon Steel
  • Type: Hex Nut
  • Finish: Zinc Clear
Nut Spare Parts
from International Polymer Solutions Inc.

Pressure Ratings: Performance at ambient room conditions: 120 psi for 1/16 ” fittings linear decreasing to 80 psi for 3/4 ” fittings and 60 psi for fittings larger than 3/4". Performance at elevated temperatures up to 85 ºC/185 ºF: 90 psi for 1/16 ” fittings linear... [See More]

  • Size: #5; 1/4"; 5/16"; 3/8"; 1/2"; 5/8"; 1"; 1 3/8"; 1/16", 1.1", 3/16"; M4; M6; M8; M10; M12; M20; M26; 7, 15 mm
  • Material: Plastic; PVDF; PTFE
All Metal Reusable Slotted Self-Locking Hexagon Nut -- THM040070
from J.Lanfranco Fastener Systems Inc.

All metal reusable slotted self-locking hexagon nut. [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Bronze (optional feature); Brass (optional feature); Exotic Metals (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature); Titanium (optional feature)
  • Type: Hex Nut; Locknut; Other; Slotted Locknut
  • Finish: Anti-Galling Coating (optional feature); Galvanized (optional feature); Nickel Plated (optional feature); Zinc Plated (optional feature); Zinc Chromate (optional feature); Self-Color, Pass., Anti-Galling, Geomet
T-Slot Threaded Plate/Rhombus Self-Aligning and Roll-In Nut -- 96014
from Magnus Mobility Systems, Inc.

If there's a device that needs to move, chances are Magnus can spec a solution to satisfy the need. If your primary concern is weight capacity, resistance to extreme conditions, durability, aesthetics, or any combination of these, Magnus offers a huge selection of existing models to meet that need. [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Steel
  • Type: Tee Nut
  • Finish: Zinc Plated
Dome Cap Nut Stainless Steel A2 DIN1587, M4X.7 -- M50661
from Mountz, Inc.

General Information: Made of high quality alloy steel. Has high corrosion resistance. Best used in industrial and outside environments. *Note: Stainless A-2 is equivalent to Stainless 18-8* [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Acorn Nut
  • Standards: DIN
from MS Aerospace, Inc.

Nuts [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Incoloy
  • Type: Hex Nut
Hexagon Nuts for Fixing Panel Mounting Sockets and Receptacles -- MU/M8x0,5
from Multi-Contact USA

Hexagon nuts for fixing our panel mounting. sockets and receptacles. [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Bronze
  • Type: Hex Nut
  • Finish: Silver
M4 - 0.7 Cl. 6 DIN 934 Finished Hex Nut, Zinc -- N6934M04070Z
from NBS Corp.

Adaptable and dependable, NBS ’ finished hex nuts can be used in thousands of different applications. Available from ¼ ” through 1 ” (inch) and M3 through M24 (metric) internal diameter, all finished hex nuts meet IFI specifications and are only sourced from ISO-9001... [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Finish: Zinc Plated
  • Type: Hex Nut
Broaching -- NJ*-M4

Custom sizes available [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature)
  • Type: Round Nut; Self-Clinching Nut
  • Finish: Zinc Plated (optional feature); Passivate
CAH Series Steel - Metric -- CAH2-470-2.0
from Sherex Fastening Solutions

Half Hex Body Large Flange Thin Wall Series. Grip range can be affected by parent material and hole size. Sherex recommends trial installations to determine the proper grip range for the application. Contact Sherex for details. CAH style rivet nuts are available in sealed head, and closed end... [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Steel
  • Type: Anchor Nut
  • Finish: Zinc Chromate; Special Finish Available On Request
Flare-Mounted Threaded Standoff for PCB -- 92715
from Stanley Engineered Fastening - Spiralock

These standoffs are flare-mounted for applications requiring greater pullout performance. They satisfy component-to-board, board-to-board and board-to-chassis production fastening needs and can be used with all types of printed circuit boards, as well as acrylic, polycarbonate and aluminum panels. [See More]

  • Size: M4
  • Material: Aluminum (optional feature); Steel (optional feature); Stainless Steel (optional feature)
  • Type: Self-Clinching Nut; Standoff
  • Thread Direction: Right Hand