X-Y Axes Linear Slides and Linear Stages

Base & Plus Mechanical-Bearing Direct-Drive XY Linear Stage -- ANT130-XY
from Aerotech, Inc.

Design Features. Integrated low-profile XY linear motor stage. Nanometer-level performance in a large travel format. High resolution (1 nm), repeatability (75 nm) and accuracy (250 nm) per axis. In-position stability of <1 nm. Anti-creep crossed-roller bearings. High dynamic performance [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 2.36 to 6.3
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 2.36 to 6.3
  • Rated Speed: 13.78
Precision Fiber Alignment Mount -- GCM-21
from Daheng New Epoch Technology, Inc.

This mount features precision fine turning for optical fiber alignment. [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Drive Type: Handwheel/Crank
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Motor Type: No Motor
XY Stacked Platform -- VULCANO XY
from ETEL S.A.

The VULCANO XY system is a three-piece-design allowing a compact and cost engineered solution, coupled to mechanical bearings and high-end optical encoders. The baseplate of the bottom axes (Y1 & Y2) is composed of 2 ironcore linear motors, controlled in a gantry mode, when used with AccurET... [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 0.0 to 25.59
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.0 to 25.59
  • Rated Speed: 59.06
Precise Work Stage -- XZH Series
from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

Precise Work Stage is now available. We can also provide you with roller chain and any chain attachments that you may need. In addition, we also offer OEM products – simply send us a drawing or sample and we'll provide you with a free quotation. [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 1.97 to 19.69
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 1.97 to 19.69
  • Orientation: Horizontal
DryLin® Stainless Steel X-Y Table -- SLW
from igusĀ® inc.

For manual adjustments. Flat and compact. High torsional stability (stiffening). All construction materials: VA and V4A stainless steel. 100 % self-lubricating. Resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Available accessories [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 300
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 7.87
  • Device Type: Multi-Axis Configuration
Fixturing Sliding Unit -- FJ20
from Imao Corporation

Body. Steel (S45C). Quenched and tempered. Precision ground. Black oxide finish [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 0.9843
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.9843
  • Device Type: Multi-Axis Configuration
Air Bearing Cartesian Planar Systems
from IntelLiDrives, Inc.

Planar XY Table consists of moving element called forcer, which glides on the frictionless air bearings over the special "waffle-like "surface called platen. Planar forcer contains two or four linear motoring modules oriented 90 degrees to each other. As motoring modules respond to varying currents,... [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 4.53 to 39.37
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 4.53 to 78.74
  • Rated Speed: 39.37
UHV Compatible Piezo Nanopositioner -- Nano-UHV50
from Mad City Labs, Inc.

The Nano-UHV50 is a two axis UHV compatible piezo nanopositioning system constructed from titanium or invar. Made entirely from UHV compatible materials, the Nano-UHV50 is bakeable to 100 °C for vacuum applications in the 10-10 Torr range. A 1 inch (25mm) center aperture provides an optical... [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 0.0020
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.0020
  • Carriage Load: 0.4410 to 1.1
High Load Precision Motorized Planar XY Positioning Stage -- L-731
from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.

This low profile, integrated XY linear table is available with stepper and servo motors. Driven by a ball screw and guided by precision anti-creep crossed roller bearings for higher stiffness and lower friction, the stage provides repeatability to 0.25 µm. Noncontact optical linear encoders... [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 8.07
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 8.07
  • Rated Speed: 3.94
Custom Two Axis (XY) Stage
from TPA Motion

We design and develop XY precision stage systems around your requirements. Designed for Very High Precision Movement. Specifications: X travel = 50 mm with Piezo Motor Drive Technology. Y travel = 50 mm with Piezo Motor Drive Technology. PiezoBot - Dual Axis Stage. The dual axis stage is best suited... [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 1.97
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 1.97
  • Device Type: Crossed Roller Slide; Multi-Axis Configuration
2 Axis Translator
from Artifex Engineering

This is a model combined two single axis translators. Dovetail and oblique rack gear design provides easy operation and precise positioning on single axis. Operator can use a knob to lock the position for each axis while the adjustment is done. The base for locking on another component is included. [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 1.18
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 1.18
  • Orientation: Horizontal
KAOS™ OEM-L Dual Axis -- KAOS OEM-L-1000
from Bell-Everman Inc.

KAOS OEM is the lowest profile and least moving mass of any high speed, high accuracy two axis cartesian servo stage. Low moving mass means high accelerations with a minimum investment in linear motor force - up to 2g continuous and over 6g peak. Low profile means your servo stage is easier to... [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 4.02
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 28.43 to 32.44
  • Rated Speed: 78.74
Ball Slide Positioning Stage -- 101-XY
from Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

Del-Tron offers a wide range of linear positioners. These micrometer positioning stages and crossed roller positioning stages are available with travels ranging from .25 " to 2.0 ". All of our linear positioners are available in X, XY and XYZ configurations and can carry loads ranging from 4... [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 0.5000
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.5000
  • Carriage Load: 4
2 Axis Belt Drive Vertical Gantry
from H2W Technologies

The H2W belt drive stage is a quiet-running economical solution for high applications that require medium accuracy and rapid positioning. The simple design of the assembly offers long and relatively maintenance free operation. The belt tensioning system quick adjustments without disassembly. A... [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 40
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 40
  • Rated Speed: 120
[High Precision] XY-Axis Stages - Cross Roller -- XYPG40

Parallelism, pitching, yawing [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 0.2559
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.2559
  • Carriage Load: 3.97
Linear Stages -- TB
from Qioptiq

The TB positioner series features compact construction and high load capacity. The ball bearing guides are bedded directly in the stainless steel base structure for exceptional guiding accuracy. Compression springs minimize backlash. These positioners can be attached, using the threaded connectors,... [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 0.1969 to 1.57
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 0.1969 to 1.57
  • Carriage Load: 11.24 to 112
Measuring Stages -- 17285
from Unitron Ltd.

For precise x-y measurements of small parts and other applications [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Y-Axis Travel: 2
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 6
  • Orientation: Horizontal
Unislide® Position Systems -- AXY2500xx
from Velmex, Inc.

Features for all Models: 45 lbs. horizontal load capacity. Large top plate. Twin parallel bearings for each axis for maximum stability. The standard lead screw advance is 0.100"/revolution. Accuracy is < 0.007"/10" length. [See More]

  • Axis Configuration: X-Y Axes
  • Carriage Load: 25
  • Stroke or X-Axis Travel: 2
  • Positioning Accuracy: 0.0015