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Whether you are retooling an existing Power and Free Conveyor System or starting from scratch, our dedicated Engineers and Technicians have years of experience integrating Power and Free Conveyor based systems. Whether your application requires a small or large part, AES has the experience to develop the best conveyor system for your application in short a time frame.

Power & Free - Featured Case Studies Automatic Assembly of a Seat Mechanism Challenge Automatically Assemble 350 Assemblies per hour monitoring presence of all part details throughout the process utilizing a flexible manufacturing system with the ability to changeover with a minimal amount of personnel and downtime.

Application Automatic Assembly of a Seat Mechanism for the Automotive Industry

Solution Assemble product through the use of Semi-Automatic Power and Free Conveyor System. Operator manually loads Quick-Change Pallets with various components including Rivets, Plates, Springs, Spacers and Locking Plates. The Pallets travel from station to station for Automatic Inspection, Greasing, Pressing, Orbital Forming, Staking and Testing.

Bottom Line Due to use of custom designed CNC Orbital Forming Stations we were able to provide the customer with a flexible manufacturing system, which was capable of a quick changeover to accommodate multiple Part Assemblies now and well into future designs.