Laboratory Analysis & Materials Identification

Service Detail from ANALYZE Inc.

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The chemists at ANALYZE answer your most challenging materials problems right in their own laboratories - accurately and in a timely manner. The wide diversity of their client base enables a technological cross-fertilization that helps generate decisive, reliable answers to your toughest problems. They custom design their approach and interpret the results in the context of solving your problem. Their concise and well-documented reports go beyond a simple listing of instrumental parameters and outputs. They provide you with practical answers and insight to your specific problems from both a technical and business point of view.

ANALYZE services include:

  • Materials Identification
  • Compound Quantification
  • Product Deformulation
  • Quality Assessment
  • Scheduled QC/QA Testing
  • Independent Product Validation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Contamination Identification
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Processing Issues