Custom Engineered Solenoids, Clutches and Brakes

Product Announcement from Autotronics, Inc.

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Autotronics, Inc. & Custom Precision Solutions, Inc. have partnered to better service North America with their custom solenoids, clutches and brakes. This partnership strengthens our service to provide outstanding motion control solutions for high-tech industries.

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Since 1956, Autotronics has been designing custom brakes, clutches and solenoids for the aerospace and defense markets. As an AS9100 Registered corporation, we understand the demands of product integrity and reliability, supported by exact documentation & complete traceability. We pride ourselves in understanding our customers' requirements and providing the best solution available within the scope of our provided technologies.

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A partial list of platforms include: C130, M1A1, Patriot, P3 Orion, Blackhawk, E2C Hawkeye, F/A-18 Hornet, B787, B1, CVAN, Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340 and A400, Gulfstream IV, SP, G400.  Dragon Runner, Deep Well Geological Sampling and Ground Control Radar.

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Our custom design services take your product from concept through production. Included in the design and development process are the mechanical and electronic design, rapid prototyping, and design and fabrication of test fixtures. Environmental testing is available as required.

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Autotronics will maintain the inventory of your product for you and ship incremental quantities as you release them.

Why adapt your system to a standard solenoid, clutch or brake when Autotronics, Inc.'s engineers can design to your exact specifications?

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Click here to view the Engineering and Design Notes

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Some of our Major Markets:

  • Government / Defense
  • Commercial Aerospace
  • High End Medical / Surgical
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Robotics

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  • Missiles & Rocket Controls
  • Counter Measure/Counter Attack Devices
  • Navigation & Stabilization
  • UAVs Control Mechanisms
  • Defense Armor Motion Systems
  • Vectronics / Exo-skeletons
  • Gun / Weapon Mounts
  • Container Transport Systems
  • Aircraft Interiors
  • Avionics / Flight Controls
  • Surgical Power Tools
  • Stores Separation Testing
  • Ballistic To Impact
  • Bomb to Bomb Collisions
  • Fuzing Characteristics
  • Captive Carry Tests
  • Combined Tests
  • And many more…


Please contact Dominic Mastroianni for more information:


Phone: (919) 452-6463

Cell: (919) 868-3628